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36 tablatures for Theatre Of Tragedy

Theatre Of Tragedy - Assembly (0,5/10) - Norway - 2002

Genre: Electronic Pop
Label: EastWest
Playing time: 42:21
Band homepage: Theatre Of Tragedy


  1. Automatic Lover
  2. Universal Race
  3. Episode
  4. Play
  5. Superdrive
  6. Let You Down
  7. Starlit
  8. Envision
  9. Flickerlight
  10. Liquid Man
  11. Motion
Theatre Of Tragedy - Assembly
Oh my God! It truly is a tragedy what this band has turned into! The first two albums are still classics, but their last album already had been Electronic-Pop with a few guitars, they did not reverse this development and now we have "Assembly"...

I call TOT only Electronic Dance Pop, because that's what this band has turned into. Yes, call me intolerant and narrow-minded, but I write these lines as a Metal-fan and also a fan of the old TOT. The music is exchangeable now, you could play this in any disco without anybody complaining, sad...

No more atmosphere, no tension within the songs, a coldness that you would never have thought possible, when listening to their early works, not even remotely, at least I could not. If you look at this as a Dance-fan, a good album, but I personally have to say - I don't care...

These are not the THEATRE OF TRAGEDY that I know, so do yourself and especially ME a favour: Rename yourselves!! T.O.T. for me are - dead...

Alexander Melzer

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