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Wolf's Moon - Keep Metal Alive (5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Power Metal
Label: MDD
Playing time: 52:55
Band homepage: Wolf's Moon


  1. Still Believe In Metal
  2. Reborn With A Black Heart
  3. Timestream Horrorsphere
  4. Temple Of Eternity
  5. Lonely At The Gates
  6. Demon-Skull
  7. Vampire Wasteland
  8. Bloodstorm On A Nightwing
  9. Power And Disaster
  10. I Hate This Universe
  11. Bonus Track
Wolf's Moon - Keep Metal Alive

Helmstedt-based WOLFS MOON are around for twelve years now and with “Keep Metal Alive“ they already deliver their fifth full album, so definitely no newbies, who try to find their own sound. In the case of WOLFS MOON this sound is extremely traditional Heavy Metal somewhere between the German and the American school, as before based on a fantasy concept.


Now WOLFS MOON are in their twelfth year of existence and still are an underground act, which should make some people think, why. For one, I guess, because they do not compromise their sound at all, but are there any other reasons as well? As “Keep Metal Alive” is my first contact with the guys, I can approach them quite unbiased and the opening title track is a very catchy, hymnic stomper, with good guitar work and not bad, but neither really good vocals, still a good start.


And there we have found a factor that might be a reason for WOLFS MOON’s status. Good musicianship, very solid song writing that partly is very mediocre and vocals that do not sound polished, but more than once are more miss than hit and start to get on your nerves quite quickly. Old RUNNING WILD shine through more than once, partly (“Demon-Skull”) they also add a shot of JUDAS PRIEST, but apart from that we have the absolute standard format of 80s Metal.


Songs like “Keep Metal Alive“, “Timestream Horrorsphere“, the kind of semi ballad “Lonely At The Gates“ and the bonus track “Bonus Track” musically are quite good, while the rest rather drowns in more or less non-descript mediocrity and all too often the vocals drag down even good compositions, because singer Maxe does not hit the notes as planned.


And therewith we have manifested the main problems for WOLFS MOON, why they still are stuck in the deepest underground. OK, I received the disc as promo (without cover or anything else, btw, just an info track that my PC refused to open), but if I had to spend money on it, nope, there’s a lot of better stuff out there to discover… (Online October 11, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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