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Dyecrest - The square root of 666 (Janne Oksanen) - Online Oct. 2004

DYECREST from Finland have been winners of the "Young Metal Gods" contest in Bochum’s Zeche and subsequently were awarded with a deal with Noise Records. Their variation of melodic Power Metal thankfully is not the tralala sound, but powerful, melodic and great songwriting lets the band stand out from the flood of releases. Ralf got in touch with vocal god Janne Oksanen to find out more.


Hi Janne, here's Ralf from Germany - how are you doing?  - please introduce your band…


We are a bunch of six jolly fellows from Finland. Line up is as follows:

Henri Arola - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Jukka Matilainen - Distorted Bass Guitar

Perkka Ohlis - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Matti Pasanen - Guitar and Backing Vocals

Niko Takala - Drums, Bells and Whistles

and me Janne Oksanen – Vocals


You've just won the YOUNG METAL GODS-Contest - tell me more about it.


We saw an ad in the local music magazine Soundi about Noise Records throwing a contest for young unsigned metal bands. I think it was in December 2002. During Christmas holidays we recorded one extra song "With Pain" cause we needed a 5 song demo and one we already had contained only four. Then we sent in the demo and made to the Finnish top 3. At that stage all the demos of the national top 3's we sent to and international jury and there we made it to the top 5 and were invited to play live in the finals held in Bochum. We put on one hell of a show and walked out with a record deal with Noise.


Are you proud to be on such a famous record company like SANCTUARY?


Extremely proud. And even more so to be on the legendary sub-label Noise.


Do you have any contacts to PERSUADER which is the other band who got a deal?


We send e-mail every once in a while and taunt them in their web site guestbook. Marten of BEYOND SURFACE is supposed to come and visit us in Finland as soon as he gets off his lazy ass.


First I thought DYECREST is another STRATOWEEN-Clone, now I'm happy that you are not. How would you describe your sound in your own words?


I personally like to say it kind of basic Heavy Metal with a fresh twist.


Your first name was FAIRYTALE then you changed into DYECAST now you're DYECREST, why did you change your name?


First of all FAIRYTALE was a terrible name in my opinion. Plus they opened a gay club called Fairytale in Helsinki and they owned domain. So to avoid any unwanted misunderstandings we decided to change our name to DYECAST. But then a Boston based DIECAST demanded that we change our name again so we wouldn't cause any trouble for them trying to market their band. All in all it was a big load of crap but now it's done and that's it.


Tell me about the "Lost Faith" demo. Did it sound like the album?


Well yes and no. The songs “Lost Faith” and “Made Me Believe” that were on that demo sound pretty much the same composition-wise. But the overall sound of the album is much better.


The production of "The Way Of Pain" is very strong - where did you record. How were the impressions to record in a professional studio?


We recorded the album in Hamburg in Powerhouse owned by Piet Sielck who also recorded, mixed and produced the album. The good thing about professional recording is that someone else is paying for it and therefore you have more time to use for the recording.


Who had the idea with the cover - looks a bit gothic-like.


It was an idea of our trusty photograper Sami Romppainen who also did the whole design of the albums artwork. And it's not very gothic to me even though I'm now very familiar with that genre.


What's next with the band?


Next we try to play as many gigs as we can and promote our album that way.


Which question have you never been asked?


"What is the square root of 666?"


What are your 5 fave albums?


Steve Vai - Sex And Religion

Joe Satriani - Time Machine

Dream Theater - Images And Words

Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2 - Scenes From A Memory

Blind Guardian - Nightfall In Middle Earth


Your last words?


"I'm alive!" 


2004: The Way Of Pain (CD, Noise)

Ralf Henn

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