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Hypocrisy - Abducted (10/10) - Sweden - 1996

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Playing time: 47:13
Band homepage: Hypocrisy


  1. The Gathering
  2. Roswell 47
  3. Killing Art
  4. The Arrival Of The Demons (Part 2)
  5. Buried
  6. Abducted
  7. Paradox
  8. Point Of No Return
  9. When The Candle Fades
  10. Carved Up
  11. Reflections
  12. Slippin’ Away
  13. Drained
Hypocrisy - Abducted

This album paved the way for the real breakthrough of HYPOCRISY and marked them as one of the heaviest bands on the planet at the time. I love this band, they started off light as ordinary Death Metal causing some eyes to widen up but who would’ve guessed Tägtgren and his two faithful sidekicks would become the future blueprint of Death Metal?


“The Fourth Dimension” was an ominous Death Metal record where the band’s potential started to show, but their Post Death Metal didn’t ignite until “Abducted” came out in 96 although it’s has more Thrash influences than Death in the mix. Thrash attacks like “Carved Up” and the title track are rough old school makings of dynamic rhythms and guitar work charging relentlessly at the listener, simple but effective.


Groovy Death Metal wasn’t really the thing you associated with the Swedes until they wrote “Roswell 47”, “Arrival Of The Demons (Part 2)” and “When The Candle Fades”, all killer tracks, the last one being on the darker side of groove meter. Mr. Tägtgren is well known for his ill tempered vibrato solos (and countless other musical qualities) but on “The Arrival Of The Demons (Part 2)” he has created a unique and timeless solo that blinds with melodic perfection, hard not to play along when you hear it.


And for the first time there’s actual sentimentality in the band’s sound, listen to “Reflections” or “Slippin’ Away”… sure they are not happy songs but this is the first time the band goes for a comforting atmosphere with Tägtgren utilising his clear voice at the forefront for the first time (remember, this was at a time when clean vocals weren’t used frequently in Death Metal music). “Drained” tampers with non Metal influences sinking into semi unplugged arrangements, a mouthful of Blues soloing and more of Tägtgren’s confident clean singing, a neat and unsuspecting finale.


By listening a lot to the band’s albums over and over again, I’ve come to the realisation that “Abducted” feels more like experimental target practice than a real album. I don’t think you’ll find a more varied album in the band’s catalogue, there’s so much at work here with all the stuff they wanted to try out and see how it worked together with their extreme roots, which is why they ended up forging a path of their own on successors like “The Final Chapter”, “Hypocrisy” and “Catch 22”.


With this album I think HYPOCRISY took Death Metal to a new level (without even knowing it) by mixing some less metallic influences into their otherwise brilliantly forged Death Metal, and if it weren’t for their trademark sonic sound, the enjoyment of hearing HYPOCRISY just wouldn’t have been the same.


Enough already! “Abducted” is a classic, an essential, a free fall into musical experimentation, a genre defining piece of music, a punch in the face, it’s so much all in one, truly a special Death Metal album. (Online October 13, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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