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Converge - You Fail Me (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Epitaph
Playing time: 35:26
Band homepage: Converge


  1. First Light
  2. Last Light
  3. Black Cloud
  4. Drop Out
  5. Hope Street
  6. Heartless
  7. You Fail Me
  8. In Her Shadow
  9. Eagles Become Vultures
  10. Death King
  11. In Her Blood
  12. Hanging Moon
Converge - You Fail Me

Perhaps the most aptly titled CD to come out this year, CONVERGE’s “You Fail Me” will certainly act as the perfect soundtrack to anyone who has wronged, deceived or betrayed, and thus, this is for everyone.


Coming off of “Jane Doe” I was expecting a very chaotic, buzzing record, one that would bowl me over, but instead, CONVERGE offer up an incredible emotional, heart wrenching album that goes to the root of the title. “Last Light”, an ode to misery, sets the tone with an unconventional vocal approach (for CONVERGE at least), harsh guitar riffs, and piercing melodies that mix violence and sadness together perfectly. “Black Cloud” becomes a much harsher beast, representing the inevitable rage that follows. This feeling continues through until the title track, which is an amalgamation of everything that you feel when you’re betrayed. It’s slower tempo gives you the impression of being dragged down, and the high pitched guitars intermixed with array of screaming, pounding bass and drums just mixes so much into the song that it’s easy to get lost in what CONVERGE is trying to accomplish. After a while you get to separate the elements and see them as they were intended, making the track that much more emotional and poignant.


After an emotionally and physically draining track, CONVERGE take somewhat of a breather with the semi acoustic “In Her Shadow” but despite the track being toned down in it’s severity, it is nonetheless still a harrowing piece.


Although one could argue, “You Fail Me” / “In Her Shadow” is the apex of the album, the final four tracks that follow are still important and relevant to the album as a continuation, but not as a conclusion. “Hanging Moon” ends as abruptly as it begins, and will not offer a sense of closure for the roller coaster ride the album just brought you on, but then again, when does anyone ever really get closure? (Online October 15, 2004)

Mark McKenna

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