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IQ - Dark Matter (6/10) - Great Britain - 2004

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Radiant Records
Playing time: 52:18
Band homepage: IQ


  1. Sacred Sound >mp3
  2. Red Dust Shadow
  3. You Never Will >mp3
  4. Born Brilliant >mp3
  5. Harvest Of Souls
IQ - Dark Matter

I honestly didn't know much about this band at all much less knew they have been in existence for 21 years until I got my first glimpse of the band some five plus years ago in a compilation. I bought a used CD called “MVP (Master Volume Project) Compilation Series Vol. 6”. I was introduced to IQ's “The Darkest Hour“ from the “Ever” CD back from 1993. I remember not caring for it too much because it wasn't catchy enough. The composition was really weird and not too my liking.


Well, now I have my very first copy of the band's CD which is their latest and it's not bad. I will say this about the band and their CDs is that this is basically for mature people because it doesn't contain the really heavy riffs like on a DREAM THEATER or such. The other thing about the band is that you are going to have to have a long attention span because even though there are only five tracks they are extremely lengthy. The compositions contained within are not really fresh or spectacular. They are very dated sound wise, but with a killer production.


“Sacred Sound“ is the first of long songs that goes on past the ten minute mark. The vocals of one Peter Nichols are pleasant. They are strong, yet they don't get in your face. Everything you like about 70's traditional Prog music is all here including the mellotrons, moogs and Hammond organs. It takes about six minutes before you get to the solo, but once you are there you are treated to some semi-technical and killer drum work and atmospheric vibes from the organs. This track takes a while to get cooking, but if you can hang in there it's all good. The Prog elements are eliminated on “Red Dust Shadow.“ It's pretty much an acoustical number with some elements of keyboard action and the amped up guitars and drums make an appearance, but quickly go away. The three songs in the middle of this release are not too complex, but more relaxed and peaceful. We finally enter “Harvest Of Souls“ and this CD and song continue to sound dated, but performed well. This little number is a little excessive as it clocks in at just slightly under 25 minutes. Oh yes, it's that long and with it being so long there has to be all kinds or arrangements in here to make it interesting, but it does get tiring after a while.


I think this band is good, but with their dated sounds and adding nothing fresh to the music makes it just another CD. You will notice that this band all has a sound that comprises of Peter Gabriel era GENESIS and Fish era MARILLION. Not bad comparisons if you ask me. As I said before, you will need an attention span like you wouldn't believe for this release. This isn't a typical Prog CD where everyone can get into it. This one requires patience. (Online October 16, 2004)

Joe Florez

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