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Norther - Spreading Death DVD EP (7/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Spinefarm
Playing time: 44:46
Band homepage: Norther


  1. Death Unlimited Video (TV-Version)
  2. Death Unlimited Video (Raw Cut)
  3. Betrayed (Live)
  4. Cry (Live)
  5. Making Of Death Unlimited
  6. Behind The Scenes
  7. Unleash Karaoke
Norther - Spreading Death DVD EP

Ok so now the NORTHER dudes have a 45 minute DVD out after already releasing their third album back in springtime. Save your expectations for another time my friend, this is only an EP and not a huge production ala “End Of Innocence”, everything is kept simple yet enjoyable for your eyes only.


What you basically get is two versions of their latest video creation of the song “Death Unlimited” from their new album bearing the same title. The TV-version looks nice (condolences to the family relatives of the poor man being killed hehe) and well produced whereas the raw cut is more or less a replica; chances are that I’m a crappy video analyst, it’s either that or the simple fact that the changes are very, very subtle in the unpolished version. Also included is a ten minute making of and as you’ll see they didn’t have to spend too much money in order to make a kick ass Metal video.


Two live songs at a local Finnish festival showcases the raw energy of the band (minus keyboard player Tuomas Planman, he certainly has the look of a depressed/reflective individual) as they go through the speedy tempos of “Betrayed” and the balladesque “Cry” with a good sound that’s not even close to a noisy bootleg vibe. Feel like trying out your vocals? If so, you can just go to the karaoke section and scream along to the song “Unleash Hell”, I tried but failed miserably.


Left are the fucked up montages of backstage craziness. I should probably mention that Lars Szöke and Peter Tägtgren show up somewhere in a boozed up tour bus with the band to share a beer or two and C.O.B.’s Alexi Laiho makes himself heard with some very loud screaming hehe.


Apart from the two almost identical videos, the content is varied and fun. If you ask me I think this DVD is a good way to get closer to their fans and show their appreciation. God knows I’m glad to have access to some funny bootlegged moments of these guys but at the same time it feels as if they should have waited a year or two with the release, fans don’t wanna miss it though. (Online October 16, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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