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In Battle - Welcome To The Battlefield (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: 42:27
Band homepage: In Battle


  1. Shunned By Life
  2. Madness In The Realm Of War
  3. Eldjättar
  4. Scorched World
  5. Soul Metamorphosis >mp3
  6. Despoter
  7. Serpents
  8. The Blood Divine
  9. Stonefaced Mountains
  10. King God
  11. Mass Produced Hybrid Humans
In Battle - Welcome To The Battlefield

IN BATTLE are from the Swedish Black Metal scene and consist of members of ODHINN, SETHERIAL and DIABOLICAL. The first two albums “In Battle” from 1997 and “The Rage Of The Northmen” from 1998 offered extremely fast Viking Black Metal without flourishes, but the MCD “Soul Metamorphosis” clearly tended to the Death/Thrash direction already.


The current album „Welcome To The Battlefield“ was released via Metal Blade and is pure Death Metal, super-fast, though quite technical, too. Stylistically it rather tends to the US corner, which isn’t surprising, because for one, Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL / HATE ETERNAL) mixed and mastered this thing and furthermore, the whole album, apart from the drum parts, was thrashed down in Tampa/Florida. The result is a thick hate clot that fulfils every wish. Your ass is kicked on such a high level playing-wise that it just cracks. However they don’t blast throughout, but there is a thorough amount of variation. Bizarre riffs meet melodic ones, brutish mid-tempo parts are superseded by insane highspeed hare-fuck tempo. IN BATTLE have got the hang of how to create the almost perfect balance of extremity and technique – basically a dream for every brutality fan with class. (Online October 16, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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