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Fearer - Descent (8,5/10) - Germany - 2003

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Remission Records
Playing time: 41:45
Band homepage: Fearer


  1. Out Of Sight
  2. Descent >mp3
  3. I Am God
  4. Level Of Violence >mp3
  5. Isolated
  6. The Killing
  7. Wired And Twisted
  8. Shot Down Fire
  9. Abandoned To Despair
  10. Back To Base >mp3
  11. From Beyond
Fearer - Descent

While FEARER’s “Confession To Hate“ was still criticized heavily by me, the situation with the follow-up album "Descent“ is a completely different one already. Firstly the sound has become thicker which does contribute a lot to a better understanding, and secondly the musicians were able to improve immensely. The songs still rip thoroughly, but they sound much more distinctive than they did in the past. It’s surprising what a little more variation can do.


So with “From Beyond“ there even is a cover version of Death Metal legend MASSACRE that was solved well. But the own material, which reminds me colossally of the Americans, isn’t second to this Death Metal classic in any way either. Only FEARER proceed way faster partly and lard their songs with more ideas. So listen to the melodic, damn intense guitar solo on “Level Of Violence”, for example, or to the VADER-like “Isolated” where various OBITUARY shouts have been included in the slower parts. And especially on “The Killing” the band uses extremely catchy riffs, underlaid by damn neat blast parts, but they also proceed slower sometimes.


The entire CD is constructed very excitingly, the killer riffs just chase each other and the singing kindles hellfire excellently. Those who are into the abovementioned bands and also worship MALEVOLENT CREATION, mustn’t hesitate with FEARER either. I’m really excited to see how the combo will improve until the next album, 8.5 points till then. (Online October 17, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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