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Wargasm - Ugly (9/10) - USA - 1993

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Playing time: 56:08
Band homepage: Wargasm


  1. The Rudest Awakening
  2. Enemy Mine
  3. Chameleon
  4. I Breathe Fire
  5. Ugly Is To the Bone
  6. Slow Burn
  7. Blood Flood
  8. One Man Army
  9. Spirit In Decay
  10. Dead Man's Smile
  11. Dreadnaught Day
Wargasm - Ugly

I still remember it exactly: one weekend in March 1994, Hawk was sitting in Metal-Keller in Kaiserslautern when his almost-namesake and boss of this badly lightened joint took him aside and asked: “Falk, next month WARGASM are playing here in our jerry-shop, you’ll be there as well, right?” My question: “The WARGASM from Boston?” Answer: “Exactly them and if you are interested, their new CD will be yours for only 20 DM.” Needless to say that Hawk seized the opportunity, after all the debut album “Why Play Around?” was already five years old. In the meantime there had only been a demo called “Gasm It”.


Then the band finally released their second album via Massacre Records in 1993. They couldn’t quite compete with the first disc, but nevertheless the CD kicked ass excessively (even today it still does). Especially the two speed anthems “Rudest Awakening” and “I Breathe Fire”, the disc’s two hits, are neck-breakers of highest quality and commitment. But the riff orgy “Ugly Is To The Bone”, which sounds slightly disjointed and dashes straight forward, with its melodic chorus also rips like a little sandman. Not to forget the rock-hard, grooving “Dreadnaught Day” for which a video clip was shot.


But in general the CD lacked the relentless speed of "Why Play Around?“, as most of the songs reach from very slow, like the psychotic “One Man Army” that is reminiscent of old MOTÖRHEAD, to mid-tempo crackers a la “Enemy Mine”. Nevertheless, infernally intense riff squadrons which captivate the headbanger instantly have become a rarity. A re-union would really make sense here. And the concert on April 16th 1994 was one of the most ingenious gigs in my life!!! (Online October 17, 2004)

Falk Kollmannsperger

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