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Ritual - Superb Birth (2/10) - Sweden - 2000/2004

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 53:07
Band homepage: Ritual


  1. Do You Want To See The Sun >mp3
  2. Lobby
  3. Sadly Unspoken >mp3
  4. Did I Go Wrong
  5. 6-8
  6. Coming Home >mp3
  7. Into The Heat
  8. Really Something
  9. Mothersong
  10. Golden Angel >mp3
  11. Dinosaur Spaceship
  12. A Voice Of Divinity
Ritual - Superb Birth

It seems like this band has been plagued with bad distro deals because their self titled release was out back in 1995 and has just been re-released this year by InsideOut and the same goes with this release. They were re-mastered and contained an extended booklet. While, I liked their debut a whole lot, this one is not really my cup of tea. RITUAL who always sings about the environment pumped out another CD back in 2000 that is not only organic, but this time around it's more Alternative than Progressive.


“Do You Want To See The Sun“ isn't like you're used to hearing in the Prog scene. It sounds more 90's oriented and isn't too pleasing to the ears if you hate the Alt. scene. “Lobby“ isn't too memorable and is rather quite boring. The composition just reeks of boredom. “Did I Go Wrong“ attempts to go for that tripped out 70's PINK FLOYD vibe and they fall flat on their ass. It's too melancholy and the boredom ensues. The band tries to pick up the slack for the first half of the disc with “Into The Heat.“ The song is more of a pick me upper, but it still doesn't come into contact with their Prog roots. This is still alternative sounding, but slightly more listenable than their first six tracks.


Overall, unlike their first release, this is unmemorable and forgettable. No one in the Prog scene will listen to this boredom. Perhaps the Alternative crowd of the 90's may get into this, but this is just unlistenable. The compositions lack inspiration and it just plain sucks. Sorry! To be honest, I now know why nobody didn't distribute this stuff, no one wants it! (Online October 17, 2004)

Joe Florez

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