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100 Demons - s/t (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Hardcore
Label: Deathwish Inc.
Playing time: 25:42
Band homepage: 100 Demons


  1. Time Bomb
  2. Destiny Never Came
  3. Dying In My Own Arms
  4. Repeat Process
  5. Something Terrible
  6. Lord Have Mercy
  7. Non Believer
  8. His Father’s Son
  9. Never Surrender Virtue (No Desit Virtus)
100 Demons - s/t

Metallic Hardcore from the heart of Connecticut coupled with the striking effect of a steam-roller and the precision of a Swiss clock-work, this is ecactly what is slapped over your head on these Americans’ self-titled work, so that you start feeling really uncomfortable after the first song already. On their new and only 25 minutes long hellish work, 100 DEMONS plow through the speakers without regard for casualties again and make the long wait for this album be forgotten very quickly. The guys of 100 DEMONS took a break of a whole five years to unleash a new album on humanity, and quite obviously this break was good for them, because “100 Demons” is brutal down to the last detail.


The mighty production by Zeus (HATEBREED, BLOOD HAS BEEN SHED, SHADOWS FALL, THE AUTUMN OFFERING, …) alone will excite any listener immediately and beat his head to pulp at the same time. Massive guitar walls, pounding drumming and vocals abounding in power make this album more than worth listening. With “100 Demons” they released exactly the right album for this time, for the band should quite have something to say in the Metalcore wave that is rising more and more and they should be able to gain fans of this sound quickly. The brutish opener “Time Bomb” already winds between angry Hardcore and razor-sharp Thrash Metal and makes way for the following stereophonic attacks. “Destiny Never Care” and “Dying In My Arms” are equally brutal and noncompromising and the well-interwoven breakdowns should drive any headbanger crazy. With “Repeat Process”, melodic traits appear for the first time also vocal-wise and they make this track an absolute ear-wig. “Something Terrible” is a first class Thrash cracker and the following “Lord Have Mercy” really does this genre credit. The Hardcore roots are always present, but the loads of heavy-metallic riffs and breaks make them disappear into the background decently time and again.


As for the tempo, they know how to vary really well, which also shines through greatly on „None Believer“ again. But 100 DEMONS saved the two undisputed killer tracks for the end. “His Father’s Son” is brutishness in pure culture and Metalcore from the drawing board. The massive breakdowns and the heavily squeezing groove are breathtaking. On “Never Surrender Virtue (No Desit Virtus)” the first tones shred you to small handy portions, before they proove all their skills and get ready for the altitude flight once again. After that it’s already over however and the wish for more grows clearly stronger. Weren’t they able to create more than 25 minutes of music during the past five years? Well, doesn’t matter and the quality makes up for that completely, but for a whole album, these nine songs are somewhat poor. The latest work of the 100 DEMONS is recommended warmly to all those who can place their musical taste somewhere between SLAYER, PRO PAIN, HATEBREED or the bands mentioned at the beginning. There’s nothing more to add to this from my part. (Online October 18, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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