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Endhammer - s/t (7,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Modern Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 14:13
Band homepage: Endhammer


  1. Alkohol >mp3
  2. Alles Was Dir Bleibt >mp3
  3. Den Letzten Beissen Die Hunde >mp3
Endhammer - s/t

German brutal Metal with a strong Rock appeal is served by ENDHAMMER from Hamburg on their self-titled demo CD, and not even badly at that. The thick sound sound carpet presents the musical outpours in the right way and thus, “Alkohol” runs over you directly with full intensity. Furthermore the smokily raw organ of Miro Woßilus fits ingeniously in the lowly thundering instrumentation and it makes the second track “Alles Was Dir Bleibt” a brutish ear-wig, too. The squeezingly heavy groove attacks, that are inserted well into the sound again and again, convince as well.


With the third and at the same time last track „Den Letzten Beissen Die Hunde“ they also rock thoroughly quickly and let parallels to the legendary BÖHSEN ONKELZ be recognized. As this German Rock institution has just announced its end with their album “Adios”, a small place at the sun will probably by left in the future. I would absolutely not be surprised if fans of this band would get into ENDHAMMER in particular, even though the guys from Hamburg clearly are somewhat heavier. In the musicians you simply observe that they have already been able to gain experience in several other bands (NIEDERSCHLAG, BILLHARZIA, RICHTHOFEN, …) and that they have already worn their horns. This also explains the high professionality of the three songs and at the same time it makes you hungry for more.


With a bit of luck they should be able to get a record contract soon, as for the skills, this would absolutely be justified. "The Metal Observer", I in particular, keeps its fingers crossed and until then, everyone who is interested should check out the band’s homepage and order the disc. It can only be to your advantage… (Online October 19, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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