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Stalefish1 - Smashed Bottles & Broken Fences (7,5/10) - Great Britain - 2004

Genre: Nu-Metal
Label: Casket Music
Playing time: 39:01
Band homepage: Stalefish1


  1. Friday >mp3
  2. Burst >mp3
  3. Up It
  4. Running The Show
  5. Always Say No
  6. Torment
  7. Analyse Me
  8. Ventilate >mp3
  9. Wrong Turn
  10. Slowfinger >mp3
Stalefish1 - Smashed Bottles & Broken Fences

Even though the end of Nu and Alternative Metal is being predicted for a long time, bands from this sector still appear and try to harvest the last fruits, partly slightly rotten already, before everything will probably go down the drain and thousands of seemingly hopeful newcomer acts will disappear into the abyss again.


This fate might also overtake STALEFISH1, because there is not much new stuff to be discovered on “Smashed Bottles And Broken Fences”. All of the songs have been arranged carefully and as for the playing, no flaws can be found either, and yet the last kick to escape from the pool of similar bands is missing. From clear and melodic vocals to harsh roaring, everything you might desire is offered, realxed and groovy arrangements always end in wild guitar thunderstorms, sometimes calm, sometimes angry and blazing musically, but unfortunately never with the last consequence. That is to say they never leave the wide path of Nu-Metal and thus they only sound original with reservation and the recognizing value is missing almost completely. Nevertheless you should give STALEFISH1 a fair chance and check out the album, because for one the ten songs are absolutely worth listening to and the production also has enough punch to rock the house thoroughly.


Check out tips are the opener “Friday“, “Running The Show“, “Torment“ or “Wrong Turn” and those who can win a lot from bands like the LOSTPROPHETS, INCUBUS, HUNDRED REASONS or also the DEFTONES, is certainly not bad off with “Smashed Bottles & Broken Fences”. Furthermore a test spin can’t do any harm, can it? With a bit more courage STALEFISH1 could quite achieve more the next time. On this note… (Online October 20, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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