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Running Wild - The Brotherhood (5/10) - Germany - 2002

Genre: Power Metal
Label: G.U.N. Records
Playing time: 55:17
Band homepage: Running Wild


  1. Welcome To Hell
  2. Soulstrippers
  3. The Brotherhood
  4. Crossfire
  5. Siberian Winter
  6. Detonator
  7. Pirate Song
  8. Unation
  9. Dr.Horror
  10. The Ghost
Running Wild - The Brotherhood

There are albums that you can describe with one word: "awesome", "weak", "innovative", "weird" etc. But there is one description, which might be the most annihilating for a CD: "boring".

Yes, I am a RUNNING WILD-fan and I have all of their albums, but still I have to pass the verdict over their newest effort "The Brotherhood" that it is plainly boring. It somehow hurts me a but. Their last album "Victory" already had not been their best, could truly not compete with their heyday of "Under Jolly Roger", "Port Royal" or the strong double "Pile Of Skulls" and especially "Black Hand Inn", but "The Brotherhood" continues this evolution in an almost frightening way.

Sure, Rock'n'Rolf never has been really a master of innovation, you cannot really denounce the saying "you know one, you know them all" in connection with RUNNING WILD-albums, but in the mean time the passionate uniform-collector seems to have run out of ideas, you hardly find any interesting or even gripping compositions on "The Brotherhood" anymore.

Shrunk to a duo for the recordings, they too often lose track in quite catchy, but oh so standardized songs, which do not only lack the strong melodies, but also the drive, the majority's just flowing by and cannot really enthuse me, only the long closer "The Ghost" with its Arab melodies can be put into the category "have to hear", while the opener "Welcome To Hell" and the quite good instrumental "Siberian Winter" (which maybe is a bit near to "Tsar" off "Victory" though) are "listenable". The rest absolutely is below average.

And in the thank-list we get Angelo Sasso "for best drums ever". Sounds ridiculous to me and seems to be a (desperate?) try to keep the illusion alive that it is a real drummer, even though most already know the truth by now.

A frighteningly weak, because simply boring album, which isn't rescued by "The Ghost" anymore. If this is an indication for the future of RUNNING WILD, then I'd like to advise: You better quit.

Alexander Melzer

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