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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - STATIC X - Wisconsin Death Trip

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Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip (10/10) - USA - 1999

Genre: Industrial
Label: Warner Bros.
Playing time: 43:57
Band homepage: Static X


  1. Push It
  2. I’m With Stupid
  3. Bled For Days
  4. Love Dump
  5. I Am
  6. Otsegolation
  7. Stem
  8. Sweat Of The Bud
  9. Fix
  10. Wisconsin Death Trip
  11. Trance Is The Motion
  12. December
Static X - Wisconsin Death Trip

Holy Shiznit Batman, I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a review up for such a delightfully mind-numbing album such as this yet! Now, thanks to me ;) this album will receive some well earned credit, the album of course that is “Wisconsin Death Trip”, the first full length, face-peeling album from Industrial Metal’s modern day wonders: STATIC-X.


I remember the first time I heard “Push It” from a friend of mine. I was about 20 years old and I remembered thinking, “wow, this sounds like KORN... on a week long bender of nothing but amphetamines washed down with Jack & Cokes!!” And I remembered I liked it, a lot. But it wasn’t until a whole year later when they got my attention with two more songs “I’m With Stupid” and “Fix”. My ears where now properly perked!


The album opens up with the two aforementioned tracks “Push It” and “I’m With Stupid”. Those first two songs will grab you by your hair, jerk you’re head back, bitch-slap you and force your ears to stay open, kinda like a pair of those lid-lock things they used in “Clockwork Orange”.


“Bled For Days” takes the tempo down just a teeny-tiny bit and switches the mood just a tad, building more on atmosphere than the first two tracks and then the album peaks with “Love Dump” and “I Am”. Slowly building on yet even more atmosphere consisting of synthesizers, samples and Wayne Static’s “Oh-So-Perfect” palm-muted guitar tone until, seemingly without a choice, everything explodes into a full on aural storm.


Now, you’ve heard the term “wall of sound”, try getting sucked into a tornado of it, with bits and pieces of digital steel, titanium and glass being swirled around your head in a most beautiful maelstrom of pure tech-metal bliss. Once you’re in the “eye”, you don’t even get a chance to breathe as you are ripped away and carried to the top with “Otsegolation”, one of the chunkiest riffs on the whole record, opened with what could’ve been left-over sound effects from the movie “Aliens”.


Need a break? Don’t worry, the next song “Stem” will give you just enough time to realize that the worst (best) is yet to come. Did you get you’re wind back? I hope so, because the next three songs “Sweat Of The Bud”, “Fix” and the title track “Wisconsin Death Trip” will knock it right back out of you again, grab you by the throat and commence to beat the hell out of you like a band of pissed off soccer hooligans, Oi!!!.


 And now that you have been pulverized, tenderized and perhaps even lobotomized by this most wonderful display of power, there is only one more step... Tracks 11 and 12, (“Trance Is The Motion” and “December”) will cauterise your wounds and administer the morphine drip via subwoofer... all that will be left of you are your throbbing ears and a sick, masochistic grin on your face.


This album is, after all the very essence of STATIC X and they are right up there with the big dogs (MINISTRY, SKINNY PUPPY, RAMMSTEIN, etc) no doubt about that. So if you don’t have this album yet, get it, crank it up and sandblast your skull with the seething supersonic sadistic sounds of STATIC X \m/. (Online October 21, 2004)

Rob Mills

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