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Krokus - Rock The Block (6,5/10) - Switzerland - 2004

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Reality Entertainment
Playing time: 55:42
Band homepage: Krokus


  1. Mad World
  2. Leading The Pack
  3. I Want It All
  4. Open Fire
  5. One For All
  6. Looking For America
  7. Go My Way
  8. Hot Shot
  9. Raise Your Hands
  10. Night Of The Snakes
  11. Throwing Her China
  12. We'll Rise
  13. Freedom
  14. Rock The Block
Krokus - Rock The Block

Make this record release number two in 2004 for the Swiss. Ever since Mark Storace returned to the fold, the band has been busy pumping out music for the fans of the original line up. First up was their double live CD just a few months ago. Now, we get our first real taste of the band with a CD filled with 14 original tunes. “Mad World“ proves to be another classic track in the making with Mark's scratchy voice along with the bluesy rock riffs galore of Fernando Von Arb and Dominque Favez. This is a simple track that gets right to the point and that is what the fans have always loved about this band.


Guitar solos are a plenty with “Leading The Pack“ along with the Brian Johnson like vocals that have always made this band stand out. Just after two tracks of future party anthems, “I Want It All“ slows things down a bit. It's still filled with up beat riffs, but just a bit more laid back. “Open Fire“ is a slow number, but it's a bit slicker with the walking guitar riffs and Mark's voice being a bit more smooth yet slick. Ok, enough of the slow tracks. Things kick back into high gear with “One For All.“ You don't get any better than this. The band doesn't pull any punches here. They give the fans what they want. There is no experimenting or funny stuff here.


It's just pure fun Rock 'N' Roll that you can blare over the speakers as you smoke and drink the night away to. The band is back and that is just cause for celebration. (Online October 22, 2004)

Joe Florez

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