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Root - The Book (8,5/10) - Czech Republic - 1999

Genre: Dark Metal
Label: Redblack Productions
Playing time: 56:04
Band homepage: Root


  1. The Book
  2. The Mystical Words Of The Wise
  3. The Curse - Durron
  4. Why?
  5. Corabeu - Part One
  6. Corabeu - Part Two
  7. The Birth
  8. Lykorian
  9. The Message Of Time
  10. Remember Me!
  11. Darkoutro - ...Toccata - Prestissimo Molto
Root - The Book
The Czech ROOT are active for many years now in their home-country, but over here next to nobody knows them. "The Book" should help them in this case, because they are no weaker than many Western bands that are getting laurels everywhere, but they sound different, more original, and that might be their biggest problem.

The info describes them as "Dark Mystical Metal", a completely new drawer... The quintet amalgamates a little Black Metal, some Death Metal, Doom Metal, acoustic passages and a good portion of theatricals into a dark melange, which I can hardly put into words.

Based on Doom, their compositions rarely get beyond mid-tempo, what adds to the overall atmosphere. The song-structures often sound different and enhance the variability even more. Especially the vocals are coming over very varied, from dark spoken words over slight growls up to theatrical lead and choir vocals you can find it all, giving the Czechs' sound a very distinct note.

You want feature tracks? Alright, take the very varied "The Message Of The Time", the doomy "The Curse - Durron" (with its rhythm and guitars somehow reminding me a bit of SOLITUDE AETURNUS) and the masterpiece "The Mystical Words Of The Wise", where keyboard-supported acoustic guitars with clean vocals alternate with brilliant atmospheric Doom with deep choir vocals, great!

Also mentioned should be the great packaging with the cover in leather-embossed look and the very stylish booklet, the complete package can be found here!

Alexander Melzer

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