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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - AURA NOIR - Deep Tracts Of Hell

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Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell (8/10) - Norway - 1999

Genre: Black Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Tyrant Syndicate Productions
Playing time: 37:08
Band homepage: Aura Noir


  1. Deep Tracts Of Hell
  2. Released Damnation
  3. Swarm Of Vultures
  4. Blood Unity
  5. Slasher
  6. Purification Of Hell
  7. The Spiral Scar
  8. The Beautiful, Darkest Path
  9. Broth Of Oblivion
  10. To Wear The Mark
Aura Noir - Deep Tracts Of Hell

Let me welcome you all to Loke's own favourite band, AURA NOIR. With members from both DØDHEIMSGARD (Apollyon), CADAVER (Agressor a.k.a Czral) we are in for one hell of a ride. This record is a kick in the face for all those who said that Norwegian music was going down the fag lane. Even back in 1999 when this record came out, people where complaining about that all Norwegian bands had sold out. If they only would have used some time on searching instead of complaining they might have found out that they where and always will be wrong.


The album explodes into your face with "Deep Tracts Of Hell", a song that definitively sets the standards. Leaving no prisoners, this song is a good hint of things to come. There are no stand out tracks on this album, every song fits each other and creates disturbing feelings. Chaos, violence, suffering, these are the feelings AURA NOIR try to "paint" with their music. And in every one them they have succeeded. It's like you can envision Hell (Hell comes from the Norse Hel, not from the bible) itself.


This album may seem a bit chaotic at first approach, at least that was my experience. The first time I heard it, I found it too chaotic. These where the days I was still drinking and one of these drunk moments I played the CD once again and this time it hit the mark. From that time (5 years ago) I've listened to the album every now and then. I still listen to the album without skipping one song and that is for me a seal of quality. I never heard much on bands such as KREATOR, EXODUS, METAL CHURCH, DEATH ANGEL and others who are regarded as cult these days. So for me AURA NOIR sounds fresh, I don't know if it's the same with those who have listened to the aforementioned bands.


One other special thing on this CD is that Apollyon and Agressor changes between who handles the instruments. They both play drums and guitars and they both sing. I'm sure that this has helped "Deep Tracts Of Hell" to become the strong record it turned out to be. Each song is unique once the album has grown on you. If you don't like it; Drink some moonshine and turn up the volume (PS: I will not pay for the damages) (Online October 23, 2004)

Arve Henriksen

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