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THE METAL OBSERVER - Review - OLD MAN'S CHILD - Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion

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Old Man's Child - Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion (8/10) - Norway - 1998

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Century Media
Playing time: 35:19
Band homepage: Old Man's Child


  1. Towards Eternity
  2. The Dream Ghost
  3. Demonical Possession
  4. Fall Of Man
  5. Captives Of Humanity
  6. God Of Impiety
  7. My Evil Revelations >mp3
  8. Thy Servant
Old Man's Child - Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion

As many people on these pages know, Galder these days does some guitar working for DIMMU BORGIR. Some former members of DIMMU BORGIR have also been in OLD MAN'S CHILD, so the bands have somewhat always connected. If memory serves me, I believe they did a split together, but enough about that, let's talk about "Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion"


This record sure kept Galder busy, the only instrument left to fill is drums. For the drum job he has used a master in his work, named Gene Hoglan. Gene Hoglan plays on the only TESTAMENT album I really like, "Demonic". He does a fantastic record even on this album and on this one he didn't even visit the studio! You see Galder was looking for someone to lay drums on his music, but he wasn't looking for a new band member. Therefore he sent his recordings over to Mr. Hoglan and you know what; they made it sound good.


The production is handled by Sunlight Studios and those who dislike their sound may have some problems with the sound here. I have always liked the Sunlight sound, so for me it's no problem. The production here is not the muddiest they produced, because there are some details here that would be lost in an uber-muddy mix.


I would like to praise Galder's songwriting abilities, he has an unique talent for creating hateful music that is also beautiful sometimes. His vocals are also top-notch, after a year of hearing Black or Death Metal you could pick out his voice within seconds. Distorted vocals are not just about vomiting forth lyrics, I hate bands sounding like they sing through a fucking bath-tub. A three year old girl could do that through a mixing board, give me something real instead. I know that all bands use technology to achieve their sound, too bad that some misuses it in the same purpose.


The record is above all a misanthropic attack on your senses, it wants you to die and the world with you. This may sound stupid, but look around you and there may be some sense in it. The record sheet states that the lyrics are written while recording the album, while I'm not that big Satan fan, I find the lyrics to fit the music. It's all about the downfall of man, how we are setting our own trap and fucking our heads until we finally push the button. This record says push the button, I will be stand smiling. It's now 6 years since I bought this record and I think this is the one I've been listening to most of all records I have. The songs are all rich on atmosphere, Galder use the keys in all the right moments.


I'm not that big fan of describing every song in detail, songs are meant to be heard, not to be told. There is always room for it when there are song/songs that stick out either way. This record has not that many songs, but they are all quality, quality before quantity anyone? I would recommend everyone to check it out, take a listen if you have the chance. I'm sure there are lots of people out there not knowing they like this one. (Online October 24, 2004)

Arve Henriksen

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