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Gorgasm - Bleeding Profusely (9,5/10) - USA - 2002

Genre: Grindcore
Label: Extremitites Productions
Playing time: 24:02
Band homepage: Gorgasm


  1. Bleeding Profusely
  2. Morbid Overgrowth
  3. Stripped To The Bone
  4. Fucking The Viscera
  5. Voracious
  6. The Essence Of Putrescence
  7. Post Coital Truncation
  8. Severed Ecstasy
  9. Lesbian Stool Orgy
  10. Fisticunt
  11. Disembodied
Gorgasm - Bleeding Profusely
This, my friends, touches upon the purest essence of what Goregrind should be all about. Eleven songs, 24 minutes total playing time, song-titles like "Lesbian Stool Orgy" and "Post Coital Truncation", song intros of vomit-noises, B-horror movie clips, the glorious sounds of tortured female screams...*inhale*...constant hyper-grinding, double-bass-assaults aplenty, bizarrely technical riffs abound, psychotic guitar solos (with a good amount of SKILL no less!), sludgemonster-vocals along with a variety of deranged rasps, moans and grunts (3 different vocalists sharing the duties)...I tell you, this album leaves no stone unturned in the quest for Death/Grind-perfection!

Performed in the vein of DYING FETUS or a faster version of SUFFOCATION, GORGASM produce one of the finest Grindcore-efforts that these ears have yet heard, without question! Quick and to-the-point, devoid of bullshit, absolutely NO frills. There is simply no way for me NOT to smile from ear to ear when listening to this, and when the 24 minutes are up, I get that blissfully unsettled feeling in my gut, like the time I hurled up a lung after riding the Tilt-A-Whirl at the State Fair...and those goddamn slack-jawed yokels who made fun of me, one day, they will taste my shit!!!

I needn't name standout tracks, this is basically one big Grindcore-orgy. Anyone who likes whatever that "Wes"-fag likes should already be seeking this out, had he written this review it might've gone something like "FUCK! I mean...Shit! This fucking rules...fuck! God damn! Get it you cunts!"...the end.

Gabriel Gose

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