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Massmurder - Slaughtered For Snuff (5,5/10) - Netherlands - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Unmatched Brutality
Playing time: 21:35
Band homepage: Massmurder


  1. Corpse Copulation
  2. Slaughtered For Snuff
  3. Homicidal Whore >mp3
  4. Fleshpest
  5. Meatcleaver Massacre
  6. Cadaver Disinterment
  7. Soaked In Semen
  8. Perverse Molestation
Massmurder - Slaughtered For Snuff

MASSMURDER is a band soaked in blood and perversion, you don't need to look any longer than their album title to get that fact confirmed. They can be compared to a band like SEVERE TORTURE, another band from The Netherlands. They share the same sick lyrics and downright brutality. I'm sure there are some people really enjoying this album, I myself have some problems with it.


MASSMURDER has existed for the last four years, formed in the year 2000, after two of the members met at a BMX contest. They have released a demo called "Meatcleaver Massacre", clearly some folks over at Unmatched Brutality got their ears on it and wanted them in their ranks. I think that this is meant to be their debut album, though its playing time is even shorter than on a DEICIDE album. Sure there are albums defending a short playing time, but just above 20 minutes is too short, considering what a CD costs these days. So how are these 20 minutes of gore soaked Death Metal?, I'll tell you.


Starting off with a screaming woman (MORTICIAN anyone?), this album is not the one you get your lady in bed with. When I think of it, it's maybe a good record to hear on if you intend to murder her. After the woman has finished her screaming, it's right over to fanatic blastbeating. The snare drums don't have the best sound, standing out in a negative way. The vocals, if they can be called that, come in and ruins most of my pleasure with this record. I honestly like brutal vocals, but I admire those who make it sound brutal without sounding like they sing through a bathtub. I want to thank Unmatched Brutality for getting the booklet, making me able to read the lyrics. It sure as hell is impossible to hear what they are singing about. The problems I have with these kinds of vocals, can be the choice of others. So the record should not be overlooked because of my problem.


There is few or none let up's on this CD, only the samples let's you take a breath of air. They sure have made an intense record, and the fact that they are quite skilled in playing, makes sure the result don't get too bad. I have mentioned that the vocals bored me, but there are also bright moments on it. The guitar work is in fact what saves this record, making it listenable for me. I read that the band members started this group as a reaction to all wimpy melodic bands in their region, and they have at least become the opposite to Melodic Death. If you like bands like MORTICIAN, COCK & BALL TORTURE, SEVERE TORTURE etc, I recommend you to check this album out. It is a whole hearted attempt of making sick brutal Death Metal, and I'm sure that in many ears this attempt will be appreciated. (Online October 28, 2004)

Arve Henriksen

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