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Aeternus - Shadows Of Old (7/10) - Norway - 1999

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Hammerheart
Playing time: 52:52
Band homepage: Aeternus


  1. Under The Eternal Blackened Sky
  2. Descent To The Underworld
  3. Dark Rage
  4. Resurrection
  5. The Summoning Of Shadows
  6. Death's Golden Truth Revealed
  7. Cuchulain
  8. Prophecy Of The Elder Reign
  9. The Sunset's Glory
Aeternus - Shadows Of Old
The Norwegian trio around the former GORGOROTH-basser Ares already has trashed in their third album and again I am swimming against the stream, because the debut, which I really liked, received rather mediocre reviews, while the reviews got better and the interest in my band decreased. Strange, eh?

Anyway, the Black Metal of the beginnings now is heavily interspersed with Death Metal, so the label's classification as Dark Metal is not wrong. In most cases the songs are thundering quite swiftly out of the speakers ("Under The Eternal Blackened Sky", "Cuchulain", "Death's Golden Truth Revealed"), but somehow lack the melodies that still are necessary. That they are able to do differently, is shown with tracks like "Descent To The Underworld", which showcases a reduced speed, the very varied "The Summoning Of Shadows", which starts out with an acoustic guitar/piano-intro and then jumps to and fro between fast and slow Death Metal, or my personal favourite "Prophecy Of The Elder Reign", which features Mid-Tempo-Death Metal mixed with some clean vocals and piano. The end of "Shadows Of Old" is made up by "The Sunset's Glory", which for sure is a novelty for Death/Black Metal-albums, because I have never encountered a pure bagpipe-track on any such CD yet.

OK, to finally come to an end, I have to say that I like "Shadows Of Old" better than at the beginning, for which you mainly may credit the mentioned songs in the second half. Connected with the rest, it remains a rather split album. Therefore "only"

Alexander Melzer

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