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Septer - Transgressor (8/10) - USA - 2003

Genre: US-Metal
Label: Impulse Music
Playing time: 38:40
Band homepage: Septer


Septer - Transgressor

After one year delay, I finally received this fine traditional Metal CD. SEPTER come from Chicago, Illinois and they are a cool tip for all fans of so called True Metal, as true as true can. Stylistically, they are somewhere between CAGE, JAG PANZER and JUDAS PRIEST and the Americans present us a firework of Metal. The vocalist is very high-pitched and he screams and screeches his lungs out. This is not everybody’s taste but I love it when he for example screams in the chorus of the band classic “Blood And Dishonor” as he could be the misbegotten son of Gerrit Mutz (SACRED STEEL) and John Cyris (ex-AGENT STEEL). Apart from that, this is great US-Metal, great performed, with room for balladesque stuff but it’s also sometimes more epic – but there are no speed attacks.


Although this material is already top notch, I suggest that there is even more possible. Let’s wait for the next output of SEPTER. There will be coming something – and hopefully with a European label... (Online October 30, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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