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More about Spiral Madness

Country of origin: Poland
Founded: 1999 (under Morgenstern)
Status: Active
Official homepage: Spiral Madness

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Band History - Spiral Madness (Online Nov. 2004)

Spiral Madness

The germ of SPIRAL MADNESS appeared in 1996, when a band called VINEGAR (existing since 1992 in Warsaw) had been on decline. After breaking up, Zephyr and Lysy (Baldhead) were left alone and tried to reactivate the band. They met Chmura (Cloud), had a pint and almost reached an agreement, but due to a bad fortune they didn't play together. After three years, in the beginning of 1999, Chmura and Zephyr talked things out about the music style and that’s how MORGENSTERN was born. But bad luck made us split again.


The project fell, but the songs composed weren’t forgotten. Some time later, in the second half of the year, Chmura persuaded Jack - the drummer, to form a band and to compose some music. He called Zephyr and SPIRAL MADNESS has been brought to life (the name comes from Lysy's lyrics) and it absorbed the ideas born in MORGENSTERN. We played in trio: Zephyr (vocal, bass), Chmura (guitar), and Jack (drums).


After a year of playing we composed 10 songs and recorded a demo called “Graveland”. In June 2000, Jack left the band. We wanted to play concerts, he did not. So we started to look for a drummer. In the beginning of 2001 Zephyr met Viking and second guitar joined us. Deny, ex-drummer of CLAYMORE (the band had already fallen apart then) surprisingly appeared, willing to make music with us. So we met all together: Zephyr (vocal, bass), Chmura (guitar), Viking (guitar), Deny (drums) on a rehearsal and the decision to make music was made. The result was difficult to describe, generally quite slow Death Metal with a bit of cheerful tunes.


After a year we recorded a demo entitled “Death&Roll”, that's how we used to call our style, because it was hard to classify it. The demo was made to allow any promotion to the band, as the “Graveland” demo wasn't suitable for it due to low quality of recording. Although “Death&Roll” also didn't have the best quality, it had its specific atmosphere.


In October 2002, Viking left the band. The beginning of 2003 is the time of changes. Seler (Celery), the second guitarist, joined the band and Deny was replaced by Wielebny (Reverend), both are the former members of the band MARTIAN.

The 2003/2004 period was when “The Berserk Crowning” was made, the crowning of efforts of the band and everyone who had played in SPIRAL MADNESS. The album includes 14 songs plus the additional track, “Koszmar” as a bonus, because of its specific, different atmosphere. It wasn't supposed to be included, but as it was recorded we decided to add it as a bonus track. The old songs were reinvented. The bonus track's lyrics were written in Polish. “World Is Ash” is a cover of a song made by the previous Zephyr's band, VINEGAR, as he wanted to thank the people from the band for the time spent. The song was composed in '94. “The Berserk Crowning” is the mixture of Thrash and Death Meta but there's no need to babble, just listen to it. “The Berserk Browning” was recorded by: Zephyr (vocal, bass); Chmura (guitar); Seler (guitar); Wielebny (drums), but the band has been weakened since, as Chmura decided to leave us after 5 years of playing in SPIRAL MADNESS. In April 2004 Twarog (Curds) joined us as a second guitarist...

Current Line-Up
Zephyr – Vocal & Bass
Seler – Guitar
Twarog – Guitar
Wielebny – Drums

Previous members:
Chmura – Guitar (on “Graveland”, “Death&Roll” & “The Berserk Crowning”)
Viking – Guitar & Vocal (on “Death&Roll”)

Deny – Drums (on ”Death&Roll”)

Jack – Drums (on “Graveland”)


The Berserk Crowning

Zephyr – Vocal & Bass

Chmura – Guitar

Seler – Guitar

Wielebny – Drums

"The Metal Observer" Review 

2004 "The Berserk Crowning (CD/LP)" - Independent

Total playing time: 52:30

  1. Intro
  2. Despair
  3. Final Day >mp3
  4. Spiral Madness
  5. My Heart >mp3
  6. Becoming Like Steel >mp3
  7. One Question
  8. Graveland
  9. Wolfhearts >mp3
  10. Helpless
  11. My Reflection
  12. World Is Ash
  13. Faded Night
  14. Misery Of Merciless
  15. Koszmar




Zephyr – Vocal & Bass 

Chmura – Guitar

Viking – Guitar

Deny – Drums

2002 "Death&Roll (CD-R Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 36:00

  1. My Heart
  2. Spiral Madness
  3. Becoming Like Steel
  4. Wolfhearts
  5. Helpless
  6. Wyblak³a Noc (Stary Unnamed)
  7. Misery Of Merciless
  8. Bonus


Zephyr – Vocal & Bass

Chmura – Guitar

Jack – Drums


2000 "Graveland (CD-R Demo)" - Independent

Total playing time: 33:00

  1. Spiral Madness
  2. Graveland
  3. My Reflection
  4. Becoming Like A Steel
  5. Wolfhearts
  6. Helpless
  7. Final Day
  8. One Question
  9. Unnamed


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