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Rush - Hold Your Fire (10/10) - Canada - 1987

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Vertigo
Playing time: 50:30
Band homepage: Rush


1.       Force Ten

2.       Time Stand Still

3.       Open Secrets

4.       Second Nature

5.       Prime Mover

6.       Lock And Key

7.       Mission

8.       Turn The Page

9.       Tai Shan

10.   High Water

Rush - Hold Your Fire

This is it, my personal favourite RUSH album ever. This album was my first step into the universe of RUSH and this was in a time (1987) when I actually only listened to harsh Trash and strange US-Metal. And then comes such a soft group as the Canadians and really blew me away as nobody ever did... Let’s be honest, there is no better and smarter modern Rock music out there. There is everything right. Perfect.

“Hold Your Fire” shows how they could successfully acclimatize with the Prog hostile music market of the 80s, without to lose any quality. This album is full of magical, rocky-poppy, sometimes anthem-like, bombastic songs. With keys, funky bass, guitars that provide sometimes Hard Rock power chords, sometimes they are rather a reserved backing, with often stunning samples and an surprising, inventive drumming, they manage it to transform their ideas into the music.

There is that famous question about the three CDs, you would carry with you to a lonesome island.... when I only had to choose one CD, it would be “Hold Your Fire”. When I could only keep one CD of my big collection, it would be this CD. This is my personal sanctuary! (Online October 31, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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