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THE METAL OBSERVER - Interview - LUNACY - Online Nov. 2004

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Lunacy - Not the usual Metal cliché (Rene) - Online Nov. 2004

Hi Rene, with your new output “N.I.N.E“ you have delivered a true hammer! For us reason enough to get in touch with you, so I’ll just fire away.


You had to record "N.I.N.E“ on your own, because your label went belly up shortly before the sessions. As you didn’t have the contract for that long yet, it surely has been a doosy, as all of us can imagine. What made you continue still and release “N.I.N.E“?


We had the material already completed back then and of course were “hot” for the recordings. To capture this, we decided to do the recordings on our own. Why wait again? You heard the result.


Musically you are very heavy and irate on “Virulent Virtuality“ or the title track. Did the frustration about the problems lead to this?


Yes, surely. Even though some of the songs have been of an older date and partly also had been co-composed by older members. We then re-arranged several parts, especially because of Boszek’s variable vocals.


One still cannot really categorise you guys that easily, so much is for sure. I hope that you can forgive me describing your sound as Progressive Metalcore or did I manage to hit your style?


Yes, yes, the categories. But progressive is quite good, we use different styles. So we definitely can live with your description.


Some people might accuse you of not having your own accessible style and therefore closing yourselves off the wider audience. What do you usually reply to people like that?


Many people actually tell us that we DO have developed our own style. It just turned out like that throughout the years. We never jumped a band wagon, but always continued to evolve musically, without setting any barriers.


Let’s move on to your lyrics. What are they about? Are they rather personally or what do you process through them?


Some are pretty personal, (“Darkness“, “Walk“,…), others deal with topics such as drugs etc. There also are lyrics that critically discuss the world, while others are about movies that influenced us.


Apart from the really strong music you this time around also have a very cool cover artwork. I think HYPOCRISY’s Peter Tägtgren would envy you for the aliens. Who did it and does it have any connection to your lyrics?


No, there is no connection. Originally we wanted to get H.R. Giger (he lives pretty close to where we are), but he was too expensive (*grin*). Then we discovered Roland Kaiser, a Swiss airbrush and tattoo artist. He also had been working with and for Giger before. He gave us the copyright and he also loves our sound. So we could start a really cool co-operation. You can have a look at his homepage (


Now that the album has been out for a while, the question arises: Did you get any feedback from labels yet that would be interested in you guys?


No, only negative replies, sad but true. Neither small nor big labels have voiced any interest. The music industry is pretty down at the moment anyway. We understand that it is not that easy to sell our album, but for that we do need a label that really supports us.


How have been the responses from the other magazines so far?


The feedback has been positive all the way. There have been some magazines, which could not really categorise our album and had problems, especially the big ones. Well, we do not fit into the usual Metal cliché.


How about the live sector? Do you only play gigs in Switzerland or also outside in Austria, Germany, Italy or France?


At the moment we are on a break. We are working on new songs, but we will only do live gigs again in autumn/winter. And then I hope that we will also be able to do something in Germany.


Would it be a dream to once play a big Metal festival such as Wacken or do you rather prefer smaller clubs, where the atmosphere is better?


Wacken surely is interesting, but we do not have the status for that yet. Therefore we prefer smaller clubs.


How do you earn your daily bread, btw?


Well, we can’t live off music, so we work full time. Travel agent, informatics, office job, courier, roundabout.


If you had a new record contract, what would you get first? Invest it all into the band or a bit of luxury?


First off get back the money we invested into this album… Have more studio time… Get new equipment, live shows etc. So for the band. If something is still left, holiday… (*grin*)


Do you only listen to Metal or do you also give other styles a chance?


No…not as much anymore. We listen to a few new releases, but often things sound so much the same (without trying to discriminate anybody here…) We listen to almost anything, we let most things approach us…apart from German Folk music. Currently I listen a lot to Alanis Morissette and SYSTEM OF A DOWN.


While we just talk about this: Which style would you like to ban, if you could?


German language Folk music and schlager. I emphasize “German language”, because American Country basically also is some sort of Folk music, but with a lot more to offer musically.


With LUNACY you are very open for all Metal directions. Who has influenced you as a musician, who are your role models that made you start Metal music?


Oh, mmhh.. I’ll have to talk for all of us, as I do the interview alone. OK, Dirk (bass), my brother started out with VENOM. Tom (keyboards) GENESIS, Ribi (drums) most probably SLAYER, Boszek (vocals) FAITH NO MORE, ALICE IN CHAINS and I started with KISS. As said before, we listen to almost anything, so we of course also get influenced by it.


A question I like to ask: Do you think that Metal will exist “forever”?


Yes, Metal/Rock and all its sub-species will be around forever. Everything else mostly completely disappears after a few years, but Rock has always been there.


Who would you rather have a chat with? With Lemmy of MOTÖRHEAD, Gina Wild (ex porn star) or the Pope?


Well, I would say with all:

Lemmy – because if his experience

Gina Wild – why she has just stopped

The Pope – why the heck he talks so much rubbish all the time.


What do you think about drugs? Are you the cliché of the beer drinking, hash smoking Metalhead or are you rather calm about this?


No, we of course like to drink beer and we also have one or two drug experiences behind us, but still we have both feet firmly on the ground.


“The Metal Observer“ is a webzine. Do you also rather inform yourselves via the internet or do you still use the good, old print magazines?


Rather the web. As soon as the print zine is out, it’s out of date already.


Back to LUNACY. What will the future hold? Are you already working on new material or will you rather go on tour?


As said before, we are currently writing new songs and in autumn/winter we will be on stage again.


So can we expect you to stay true to your motto not to fit into any category?


Yes, even though we have taken some criticism to heart.


At the end you have the chance to make Metalheads world wide hungry for “N.I.N.E“! Why should every banger get your album?


Get a truly unusual album and let it draw you into a different world. This album will not leave your player again for a while, if you listen closely.


I can’t really add anything to that. Thanks for the interview. I hope that you will go far still and that the name of LUNACY will soon be in everybody’s ear. Continued success!


Thanks for your time and the interview.


1992: Face No More (CD, Magic)

1993: Believe? (CD, Suffering)

2000: Fairytales Of A New Breed (EP, Self-production)

2004: N.I.N.E. (CD, Self-production)


Patrick Weiler

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