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Illwill - Evilution (6/10) - Sweden - 1998/2004

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Diamond Records
Playing time: 59:09
Band homepage: Illwill


  1. Singh Hai
  2. V-For Vulgarians
  3. Cult
  4. Il Organizatione
  5. Six Sec Sex
  6. Whether With Or Without
  7. Eternal Sleep
  8. K.A.O.S.
  9. Bid Farewell To Wellfare
  10. Who To Trust?
  11. This Barren Life
  12. 365 Reasons To Commit Suicide
Illwill - Evilution

This is one of those albums that you listen to once maybe twice and then shelf because it’s just so strange and off beat that, like a cage Bengal tiger, has to be approached with caution.


Formed from members of KING DIAMOND and MERCYFUL FATE – Andy La Rocque (axe) Snowy Shaw (skins) and Sharlee D’Angelo (bass) this is quite different from the antics of KING DIAMOND. Sounding like a starved METALLICA and a thinning JUDAS PRIEST circa ‘’Painkiller’’ the wall of Heavy Metal noise generated is impressive but somehow hollow and lacking a lost lasting impression. Vocals are handled by Yonas Af Dahlstrom (Dickinson he is not according to a web review I read) and he is a mixture of Halford and Udo and if you can imagine both of them being strangled whilst attempting to belt out ILLWILL’S style of Metal then you are getting there. It’s not pretty.


The riffs are big if not re-used METALLICA for the most part with La Rocque’s guitar playing a major plus note – he is a most underrated performer although the production does tend to leave the guitar that bit tinny giving a raw, Punk edged sound. Shaw’s drumming (as you’d expect) is solid but the whole project is let down by the awful vocals of Af Dahlstrom. Sometimes screeching, sometimes whining but always strained and badly let’s down what good Metal riffs are on offer. However some light is shown on ‘’Eternal Sleep’’ when Af Dahlstrom opens up the wind pipe to reveal a strong voice very much in a Halford vein.


So a strange side project that both hits and misses the target. (Online November 2, 2004)

Chris Doran

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