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De Lirium's Order - Victim No. 52 (7/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Label: Woodcut
Playing time: 45:11
Band homepage: De Lirium's Order


  1. Sanctuary Of Incineration >mp3
  2. Abomination
  3. The Art Of Butchering
  4. Masterpiece Of A Morbid Mind >mp3
  5. Victim No. 52
  6. Through The Eyes Of A Murderer >mp3
  7. Nightmare In Apartment 213
  8. Dr. Lirium Orders: Suffering
  9. Pathologist's Perverse Fantasies
  10. The Sunrise
De Lirium's Order - Victim No. 52

I know these guys can play Death and Thrash Metal with surgical precision and I’m pretty sure their knowledge of horror, murderous art and gore is worth more than your average serial killer of today. It’s like this: if you want someone taken care of (whacked as the mob prefer to call it) without causing a bloodshed, simply put on DE LIRIUM’S ORDER and watch the victim slowly descend into madness as you read the morbid lyrics out loud.


The music of the four evil looking sun glassed Finns comes with a raw and spiteful delivery of Brutal Death Metal played together with a fair amount of Thrash and Black Metal. It would be close to an insult to stop there; it’s a fact that Scandinavian bands are more creative when it comes to adding interesting layers and approaches when shaping a sub style out from this hybrid of three styled Extreme Metal. Even if this is brutal stuff, the melodies, be it subtle arrangements or shining harmonious lead lines, haven’t been overlooked, this adds a sparse Melodic Death Metal element to their final sound complementing their structural chopping and technical superiority.


Old school, new school, the band does both but have chosen to stick to mid nineties Death Metal production sounds. “Sanctuary Of Incineration” starts with mischievous odd timed guitar instrumentation backed up with thick harmonies and varied drumming, this track will give you an idea of what kind of structures and timings they work with, think SENTENCED “North From Here” era without the garage sound. Punk’n’Death’n’Rollish vibes are shed forth at the intro of “Abomination” but are soon replaced by swirling melodies combined with fast blast beats which could’ve been penned down by THE FORSAKEN at this very moment should they have come so far in their song writing sessions.


By the third track the lead guitars have escaped out of their controlled role of playing supportive to the murky riffing; there are plenty of short solos on this song but it’s not the scale and sweep wankery of CHILDREN OF BODOM you’re getting thrown at your ears. I discovered the Semi Prog bass lines not until I was late in my listening session with this album, not every detail is perfectly audible but the most efficient bass touches are heard in “Through The Eyes Of A Murderer” and “The Sunrise”.


For me this CD is refreshing, not because it’s original or better than the last album of your X Death Metal band, but it’s good to finally hear a savage mix of brutality, melody and technicality without keyboards and clean vocals.


Lyrically and vocally gross, instrumentally preoccupied, darkened and freakish sound wise, if not a striking album, this is still what I’ve been longing for some time now… ahhh, it’s good to witness the sickly works of a good Death Metal album again. (Online November 4, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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