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Ninnuam - Process Of Life Separation (6,5/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal
Label: Low Frequency Records
Playing time: 47:34
Band homepage: Ninnuam


  1. Process Of Life Separation >mp3
  2. Godhead >mp3
  3. My Sphere
  4. Sect >mp3
  5. Dark Visions
  6. Scar Salvation
  7. Optional Existence
  8. Soulwounded
  9. Morbid Appealing
  10. Age Of Unknown
Ninnuam - Process Of Life Separation

The Finns keep dealing out punishing music to the masses. This time around it's a debut CD from NINNUAM. They offer Black Metal with tinges of Death Metal. The title track is about as melodic and Black at the same time as a band can get. The dark, lush and melodic keyboards flourish the track while the drums tear through the skins and the riffs are catchy. The vocals remain evil and sound like they are coming from the abyss. Is it original, no, but it's listenable.


The haunting and eerie "Godhead" is the soundtrack to hell complete with blast beats and plenty of dark overtones flesh out this track. As we wander into "My Sphere", we dive into Death Metal territory and boy is it merciless. They don't let up for a moment. There is a little bit of that old school vibe except the production is cleaner and better produced, but the raw feeling is intact. Remember how DIMMU BORGIR was once more primal and raw in their music before getting all symphonic and shit? Well, NINNUAM picks up the slack here does quite a fine job. There is nothing pristine here. This is the ancient art of punishing and ruthless Black/Death Metal well preserved by these six young lads.


The compositions contained within aren't the most creative, but NINNUAM's little black hearts are in the right placed. I do see a lot of potential with this band and since this is their debut release I think good things can come from them as they grow with each CD if they stay together. Let's see what happens next. (Online November 5, 2004)

Joe Florez

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