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Bellgrave - My Soul Is My Gun (8,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Locomotive Music
Playing time: 55:25
Band homepage: Bellgrave


  1. Cold Bleeding Angel >mp3
  2. My Soul Is My Gun
  3. Repayment
  4. Back In Town >mp3
  5. A Place For Sale >mp3
  6. Rattlesnakes Rattle
  7. P(r)ay and P(r)ay
  8. Coma State
  9. When Rats Leave The Ship
  10. Discouraged
  11. One Hour
  12. My Personal Hate-Song
  13. Things Called "Never Changed“
  14. With No Compromise
Bellgrave - My Soul Is My Gun

It seems like BELLGRAVE have taken my wish to heart, because they’ve added seven additional songs to their demo from last year and thus they release their second regular album “My Soul Is My Gun” now.


Musically not too much has changed due to the fact that half of the songs are from the demo and that’s good this way. Roughly said BELLGRAVE play Gothic Rock, of the sleazier kind however. As a comparison only SENTENCED come to my mind, but the band from Berlin has more Rock parts than the Finns. Actually I don’t have to say much about “hits” like “A Place For Sale”, “Back In Town” or “Rattlesnake Battle” anymore. Those who’d like to know more nonetheless are welcome to read the review of Promo 2003. It’s more important how the nine songs have turned out. After several excited listenings of the record I can tell you, thumbs up. It’s especially the opener “Cold Bleeding Angel” and the title track “My Soul Is My Gun” that kill you mightily and join the round-dance of classics seamlessly. The remaining songs don’t stand out that strikingly anymore but they can convince as well. The guitars are still tuned low as hell and singer Danny bawls his heart out nicely bluntly but also melancholicly sometimes. Only the drums have been mixed a bit too faintly in my ears. This is not a highly polished production, but I think that wasn’t the band’s intention after all. Somewhat dirty steam-rioller riffs have, eh always sounded better.


Basically everything has stayed the same with BELLGRAVE, which is not a negative thing in the case of this band. “My Soul Is A Gun” is a good album which every fan of dark and rocking sounds should give a listen to. But maybe Gothic girls in black velvet dresses should stay away from this after all. This music is something for people with steel in their ears. You are invited to get it!


Check out tips: “A Place For Sale”, “Cold Bleeding Angel”, ”Back In Town”... (Online November 6, 2004)

Patrick Weiler

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