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Anvil - Back To Basics (2/10) - Canada - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Escapi Music
Playing time: CD: 43:33/DVD 51:19
Band homepage: Anvil



  1. Fuel For The Fire
  2. Keep It Up
  3. Song Of Pain
  4. You Get What You Pay For
  5. The Chainsaw
  6. Can't Catch Me
  7. Go Away
  8. Bottom Feeder
  9. Cruel World
  10. Fast Driver


  1. Five Knuckle Shuffle
  2. Smoking Green
  3. Old School
  4. Winged Assassins
  5. Forged In Fire
  6. March Of The Crabs
  7. Metal On Metal
  8. 666
  9. Mothra
Anvil - Back To Basics

Do you know that I saw this band before and don't remember a thing? Why, because they suck and they aren't memorable. I never understood the fascination about this band. They are below average and loaded with boredom. They have existed for around 20 years and they should have left about 10 years ago. Either that or mature with their music. Either way, we lose. This is some of the most amateur compositions that I have ever heard. Hey, MOTÖRHEAD releases the same style of music year after year, but at least there is some character to their songs.


This has nothing. "Fuel For The Fire" sounds like a demo song or something that you would write when you first start a new band at the age of 10-12. The track is bland and Lipps vocals are absolutely horrid. Lipps puts forth no effort when he sings and "Keep It Up" proves it. The music is slightly better here, but it still sucks!  "Song Of Pain" is one of the better songs here. It's actually listenable, but this won't be enough to save the album. "Can't Catch Me" offers a little Blues into the mix of this cacophony. Not bad, but it still sounds lame. The lyrics are horrid and the music is worse. I don't know who is listening to this, but they are really damaging their ears here. All I have to say is that friends don't let friends listen to ANVIL. Bottom line!


I know I was harsh here and since I don't remember their music I thought I would pop in the free DVD that came with this. This is a full length performance from their appearance from the 1998 Wacken festival. Look at the song titles for the video. They are absolutely horrid. The songs suck even worse from before and the music just bored the hell out of me. Lipps looks like the Crypt Keeper. Actually, the whole band does, but what do I know. The fans there just ate this shit up like there was no tomorrow. The ramblings in between were atrocious. Just think of Tommy Chong on stage except with a guitar and was in an actual band. Lipps sounded like he was a tad stoned and he talked to the crowd like if he was only 13 years old. Thanks, but no thanks.


Hey, if you like ANVIL, then get the disc for your collection because of the free DVD, but otherwise save your dough for something way better. What gets me is that Screaming Ferret and Escapi are two fledgling labels that released this and they are going to re-release some out of print titles from the band's back catalogue. I hope that this doesn't make them go belly up. (Online November 8, 2004)

Joe Florez

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