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Tearabyte - Gloom Factory (6/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Escapi Music
Playing time: 72:03
Band homepage: Tearabyte


  1. Gloom Factory
  2. Doom Gloom >mp3
  3. Technophobic
  4. Shred The Misery
  5. Romper Stomper
  6. Emotional Debris
  7. Suffer
  8. All Gray
  9. Insanity
  10. Empowered Hate
  11. Comfortably Numb
  12. Hidden Track
Tearabyte - Gloom Factory

Oh, Thrash Metal from America! Sounds very promising, doesn’t it…However after the first three songs I am wiser and also somewhat disappointed, Thrash riffs heard a thousand times, a dull production and a vocalist who dawdles pretty monotonously. But then there is song number four: “Shred The Misery”, which is quite well-done. Everything fits here, also the singing!


The following “Romper Stomper“ is an equally strong tune and steams ahead mightily. After that things get somewhat better than before, but the two outstanding tracks can neither be topped nor reached. Solid Thrash food after all, not more unfortunately. Somehow the tunes don’t sound like the fist in your face but like the finger picking your nose. The strangely powerless production sounds a bit too sterile to me, the drumming sounds programmed…Can’t imagine this debut being celebrated anywhere, unfortunately the pressure and the power for this to happen are missing. There are good starts, but this is probably not enough for a purchase. (Online November 8, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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