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Crown, The - Crowned Unholy (9/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Metal Blade Records
Playing time: CD 43:37/DVD 67:05
Band homepage: -



  1. (Introduction) House Of Hades
  2. Crowned In Terror
  3. Under The Whip
  4. Drugged Unholy
  5. World Below
  6. The Speed Of Darkness
  7. Out For Blood
  8. (I Am) Hell
  9. Death Is The Hunter
  10. Satanist
  11. Death Machine Holocaust


  1. No Tomorrow
  2. Face Of Destruction
  3. Deep Hit Of Death
  4. Deathexplosion
  5. World Below
  6. Deliverance
  7. Blitzkrieg Witchcraft
  8. Cold Is The Grave
  9. Zombified
  10. Dream Bloody Hell-Kill Em All
  11. Under The Whip
  12. Bow To None Total Satan
  13. House Of Hades
  14. Crowned In Terror
  15. 1999-Revolution 666
Crown, The - Crowned Unholy

The thing that gets me here is that the band re-recorded the vocals with original vocalist Johan, re-recorded the bass tracks, a new intro was programmed by Janne and the drums were enhanced with protools by Janne. My only question is why didn't they just redo the whole CD? It would have been easier, no? According to the liner notes, the original version of the CD was pathetic and an upgrade was badly needed.


Whatever the case may be, this new version just rocked my speakers to oblivion. The band wastes no time going for the throat with "Crowned In Terror." Johan's voice is in your face, the guitar solos will make your ears bleed and the rhythm section will make your stomach implode. THE CROWN shows no mercy here and will not show any for the weak of heart. "Under The Whip" grinds their way through to your hearts and the fury continues. "Drugged Unholy" and the other songs may sound like a bunch of noise to some, but they throw in some of the most wicked melodies into their madness. "World Below" slows down a bit, but they keep the riffs heavy and the track still rocks out. Damn! I had no idea that Johan could sing clear if he wanted to. The band spice things up a bit by mixing clean with dirty on "The Speed Of Darkness." Way to go boys! THE CROWN's effort into re-touching up this CD was well worth the time and investment. This is a killer CD. I am sure it was before, but now it's even better. There is plenty of variety on here for everyone to enjoy.


As a bonus, you get a free DVD of a concert from Germany in 2003. What a way to go out on top before calling it quite. The show was recorded in a small club that looked like it only could hold no more than 200. Quite frankly, it looks likes someone's basement. The camera shoot isn't bad. It looks like an official bootleg release. The sound isn't bad either. This is reason enough to get this album even if you have the original version. Once again, the band doesn't disappoint and if you call yourself a Thrash fan, then you already know what to do. (Online November 9, 2004)

Joe Florez

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