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Dead Soul Tribe - The January Tree (6,5/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 51:00
Band homepage: Dead Soul Tribe


  1. Spiders And Flies
  2. Sirens
  3. The Love Of Hate
  4. Why?
  5. The Coldest Days Of Winter
  6. Wings Of Faith
  7. Toy Rockets
  8. Waiting For The Answer
  9. Just Like A Timepiece
  10. Lady Of Rain
Dead Soul Tribe - The January Tree

It was just last year that "A Murder Of Crows" was released. Now, we are graced with another CD filled with dark emotions and haunting passages. Devon Graves or Buddy Lackey as he was born as takes us on another eerie journey through his mind. "Spiders And Flies" brings to mind TOOL, but not as progressive. It's simply dark and creepy. Devon has once again taken on the duties of playing virtually all of the instruments here.


While I am against it because it's hard to give 100% to each instrument, Devon does a fine job with it. "Sirens" is a slow, but hard hitting track that utilizes some electronic vibes here and there keeping things unpredictable. There are some moments that the guitar work will throw you off because it sounds a bit odd compared to the rest of the song. "The Love Of Hate" and "Why?" prove to be more than just songs with composed beats and riffs. Not only do they include dark atmospheres and haunting vocals, but they are moving and captivating despite the fact that guitars are being strummed at the speed of light or the drums are being pummelled with off of their might. It's an experience that you will have to listen for yourself with this release. Another intriguing track is "Wings Of Faith" with it's RAMMSTEIN like riffs and electro beats and KORN like rhythms. This is very catchy stuff.


"Toy Rockets" finally ventures off into Folk land with the flute performed by Devon and tribal like beats. It's heavy, passionate and entertaining. While DST'S newest CD isn't filled with the Prog like compositions of the last release, they still have come up with something that is moving and captivating. I will say that this release will take a few listens to get into and you must be a dark mood for this type of stuff, but once you put all of that together then you will really enjoy this man's creativity. (Online November 10, 2004)

Joe Florez

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