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Flower Kings, The - Adam & Eve (8,5/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: InsideOut
Playing time: 78:11
Band homepage: Flower Kings, The


  1. Love Supreme >mp3
  2. Cosmic Circus >mp3
  3. Babylon
  4. A Vampires View
  5. Days Gone By
  6. Adam & Eve
  7. Starlight Man
  8. Timelines
  9. Drivers Seat >mp3
  10. The Blade Of Cain
Flower Kings, The - Adam & Eve

You would think that the band would enjoy their success by taking some time off to get re-energized, but no! They release go ahead and pump out a new CD year after year which still contain complex arrangements and yet are entertaining to the ear. We are back with another 80 minute release on "Adam & Eve." "Love Supreme" is the 20 minute opener that reeks of vintage YES. It's Prog Rock at its finest. Roine's voice could be compared to one Jon Anderson's and if you closed your eyes and listen closely you would think it was a lost YES song. This track here throws in everything including the kitchen sink. Latin guitar solos are inserted here along with the classic 70's Prog Rock vibe.


Zoltan's drumming continues to be the highlight in my eyes. He has the talent to make those complex compositions seem so easy to play. There are so many different passages here that you think you have moved onto another song, but it's still the same one. Despite it being long, it actually does move quicker than you think if you are into this style of music of course. "Cosmic Circus" is mellow and psychedelic compared to the opener, but that's what the guys are into. The guitars get really plugged in on the title track. There is nothing really lackadaisical about this track. It seems like the band has really sprung to life here. The riffs are crunchier. The vocals are lively and the drums are heavier. Just before the CD closes out, you get one more 20 minute track with "Drivers Seat." In addition to the traditional Prog vibe, the band tosses in some funk for good measure and it makes things just a little unpredictable.


Once again, my faith has been restored with this band. Their last release wasn't all that great, but here, they went all out and made another CD packed with complex compositions, melodies, and varied passages that are once again unpredictable. This is what I mean about these guys. Instead of pumping something out yearly, try taking a minor back and recoup. They really did an outstanding job with this one. (Online November 11, 2004)

Joe Florez

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