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Soul Of Darkness - Torments In Withering Existence (7,5/10) - Canada - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Skyscraper Music
Playing time: 43:21
Band homepage: Soul Of Darkness


  1. The Awakening (intro)
  2. False Hope
  3. A Thousand Sacrifices
  4. Beyond The Images
  5. Uprising Vengeance
  6. An Eternal Gathering
  7. The Last Battle
  8. Fate Upon My Kind
  9. Savior’s Salvation
  10. The Wake Of Torments
Soul Of Darkness - Torments In Withering Existence

Hailing from the dark winters of… Saguenay, Quebec, Canada, Black Metaller SOUL OF DARKNESS follows the path of already acclaimed Black Metal bands like DIMMU BORGIR, STORMLORD, SUIDAKRA, etc. Although they don’t try to hide their influences, it is great news to hear this kind of Black Metal outside of the Northern European countries. Some could critic it is they easiest way to review a band, only by comparing them to the master of the style; at the same time, this kind of reviews is the hardest to write, as clones often offer nothing new to the scene, even though the music is more than good.


However, the music found on “Torments In Withering Existence” is a strong Black Metal exercise. Coupled with the perfect mix for this kind of music, not over polished (which is a plus compared to the latest DIMMU BORGIR offering), SOUL OF DARKNESS offers to the fans 10 tracks of uncompromised Black Metal. Track 5, “Uprising Vengeance”, offers us some clean vocals, which is nothing special in the new Black Metal trend, but always welcomed, adding some variety in the repetitiveness of the music. Then when comes track 9, “Savior’s Salvation”, with its heavy intro, followed by acoustic guitar picking and clean vocals, now that is something different.


Unoriginality is SOUL OF DARKNESS main problem, as there is nothing else to complain about. The musicianship, the vocals, the atmospheres, are all done with passion, but their own identity is yet to be found. The blast beat, the guitar riffs, the keyboard playing, everything is there to satisfied any Black Metal Fans, it is just we get the overall feeling we already have heard this all over again. Anyhow, should we fear for the future of Black Metal? With a band as strong as SOUL OF DARKNESS, none should be afraid, as we may have hear, in future years, a band to remember. (Online November 13, 2004)

Mathieu Chamberland

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