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Behemoth - Demigod (10/10) - Poland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Regain Records
Playing time: 40:47
Band homepage: Behemoth


  1. Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth
  2. Demigod
  3. Conquer All
  4. The Nephilim Rising
  5. Towards Babylon
  6. Before Aeons Came
  7. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)
  8. Xul
  9. Slaves Shall Serve
  10. The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor
Behemoth - Demigod

A great day it will be for Death Metal when this album has surfaced and made its deep mark. BEHEMOTH, a Polish trio with potential unlike any other European Death Metal band, is news to me, I can’t believe that I haven’t taken real notice of them until now, this band destroys, “Demigod” destroys!


I listened to the pre tasters on their website and immediately felt this would be a brilliant album but I didn’t really expect it to be this extreme yet so well structured and performed. The band plays it brutal with melodic undercurrents that become clearer the longer the album has you in its tightened grip. Resistance is useless my friends, the band does everything right, the slithery brutal riffing and gross vocal orgies are perfectly balanced with creative solos and catchy lead melodies, the music hangs on the last line that stands between order and chaos, so it will take a few spins before it all makes any sense.


It’s been too long since I heard a forty minute Death Metal album with so much in it, it’s incredible how much they can squeeze into three minutes. The album has some progressive influences in songs where the structures and arrangements change frequently, “Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth”, “The Nephilim Rising” and “The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor” are all rugged with lovely acoustic parts, hyper blasting rhythms (drummer Inferno must have 8-10 arms to be able to pull off such insane beats and fills) and brain busting bass routes, recent albums from DEICIDE and MORBID ANGEL sound like touchy, fragile Death Metal with no hair left on the chest compared with this blissful CD.


Every single track carries unsurpassed technical skills, “Conquer All” (the first promo video for the album), with its extremely varied structures and intriguing riffs, would be the perfect cover tune for DREAM THEATER on their next tour (if they’re willing to perform such blazing and spectacular material, it would most definitely be a challenge for them), and the roller coasting leads and solos on the extraordinary scorcher titled “Towards Babylon”, I bet, won’t leave Petrucci or Vai unimpressed. A real standout track is “Xul”; this one shoots me to pieces with more creative song writing, tons of breaks and catchy verses, and Karl Sander of NILE does some technical soloing, the icing on the cake.


My sudden pledging to this band is not only because of their song writing and instrumental qualities, what really forces me down to my knees are the unholy incantations of band mastermind Nergal. Ok so he isn’t the most varied Death vocalist there is to be found, although he tries his best, but he sure makes up for it with his evil multi layered screaming.


Mixed with Daniel Bergstrand at his high tech Dug Out Studios, “Demigod” has a thick layered and explosive sound but it’s not the typical “more layers, we need more layers… and static, put some static on as well” sound he has worked with lately, but it is a heavy and challenging sound wall he’s put on the album’s superlative facade.


Please, don’t miss out on this. “Demigod” is for the Metal head who enjoys the finer things, a perfect score is all but inappropriate… and yes, checkmate MORBID ANGEL!!! (Online November 16, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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