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Kittie - Until The End (9/10) - Canada - 2004

Genre: Metal
Label: Artemis Records
Playing time: 41:20
Band homepage: Kittie


  1. Look So Pretty
  2. Career Suicide
  3. Until The End
  4. Red Flag
  5. Sugar
  6. In Dreams
  7. Into The Darkness
  8. Burning Bridges
  9. Loveless
  10. Daughters Down
  11. Into The Darkness (Vocal Mix)
Kittie - Until The End

When the band first appeared onto the scene with "Spit", I thought it was a big mess all around. They were kids back then playing pure noise. It wasn't tight musically or anything. It was nothing more than an ear bleed. Once "Oracle" hit a few years later on the market, it was better both musicianship wise, melody wise and vocally. Now, they have hit the jackpot! This is their most mature writing wise and what not. Perhaps being in a scuffle with their current label for a while made them better players. I am not sure, but whatever it was, they have made one incredible record.


"Look So Pretty" opens up with very sludgy riffs and beats that will make you wonder if you are going to charter into Doom Metal territory. Lo and behold, Morgan's guitar riffs begin to pick up a lot of steam and forge ahead without ever looking back. The licks are metallic and catchy, but have an evil demeanour to them. Morgan's voice is even meaner than before and could rank right up there with Angela Gossow. Yep! It's that sick. I think what makes me root for this band is that they are a bunch of females in a male dominated industry and they are determined to stand out and show you what they are made of and to be honest, I think they can beat out some of the heavy hitters and then some. There's no slowing down these vicious felines.


"Career Suicide" is not only melodic meshed in with its pure heaviness, but the clean vocals are a part of this track as well and you can tell that she has been practicing because they are actually good. The title track backs off on the aggression a little bit and the focus of attention here is the vocals. It's all clean and Morgan shows that she is not one dimensional. After the ballad like track of "Red Flag", the band gets medieval on yo' ass once again with "Sugar." "Until The End" proves to be a worthwhile CD that can be enjoyed over and over again. When you listen to "Oracle" next to this one, the guys put "Oracle" to shame. The band have entered a new chapter in their career and if they keep going on this path, then they will be around for a long while.


From top to bottom, this CD is filled with diversity with varied tempos and changes and it all works out for the best. If you are looking for something raw and powerful, then you found it! Morgan proves that she is a good singer and guitar player while the tag team rhythm section of Jennifer on bass and Mercedes on drums prove to be unrelenting and powerful. As a bonus with this CD, you get a 20 minute behind the scenes look at the making of this CD and you can access a video, photo gallery, and exclusive chats by popping this into your computer and logging on. Well worth the dough. (Online November 16, 2004)

Joe Florez

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