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Helmet - Size Matters (9/10) - USA - 2004

Genre: Groove Metal
Label: Interscope
Playing time: 39:41
Band homepage: Helmet


  1. Smart >mp3
  2. Crashing Foreign Cars
  3. See You Dead
  4. Drug Lord
  5. Enemies
  6. Unwound >mp3
  7. Everybody Loves You
  8. Surgery
  9. Speak And Spell
  10. Throwing Punches >mp3
  11. Last Breath
Helmet - Size Matters

“This Album Serves As A Bittersweet Look To The Past, Present And Hopefully Future. ” Rob Milz TMO


Well, it’s a given that the bitch list is gonna be about a hundred miles long (as expected) for the new album that even us HELMET fans never expected in the first place. Nevertheless, most of the complaints will be from all of the usual pea-brains that don’t seem to know their ass from their elbow and seem to fear things like...change. So pay no heed to them and be sure to give this record a chance, as it’s sure to be appealing to you whether or not you’re a seasoned vet or a newcomer to this most amazing band.


On this album, Page Hamilton gives us a fond reminder of the past, as well as plenty of his forward thinking and innovativeness that made HELMET such a wonderful thing in the first place. And even though at first listen, a lot of this record may not sound like the HELMET we were all used to, give it a little more time to soak and it will. These songs are fresh, catchy as hell and all HELMET.


The most common bitch will be about the change in style, even though most of the change is from Hamilton himself (Voice, song structure)...but if you think about it, every HELMET album progressed in one way or another. Just listen to “Strap It On” and then listen to “Aftertaste”, two completely different albums yet both still undeniably HELMET. That’s exactly the case here, except it’s like the two or three albums that would’ve been between this and “Aftertaste” were just magically erased from history, catch my drift. It’s still HELMET, or at least Hamilton. I guess John Stanier and Henry Bogdan Decided they would sit this one out. Nevertheless, a noble and most certainly worthy group of 90’s rock veterans have stepped forward to fill their shoes (at least on this album): WHITE ZOMBIE’s John Tempesta on drums, ORANGE 9MM.’s Chris Traynor (guitar and Bass) and Frank Bello (live Bass) of ANTHRAX fame attempt pay tribute to Bogdan and Staniers’ bone shattering, drum and bass groove that set standards.


Bottom line, if you were expecting another “In The Meantime” or “Betty” you won’t find it here and besides, that would be boring. But if you were expecting a new HELMET album, “Size Matters” certainly delivers. And despite the fact that it’s not the original line-up, this album still serves as a bittersweet look to the past, present and hopefully future. With 11 tracks that will set in your mind like concrete, hopefully this album marks the return of a band that had/has immeasurable influence on just about every heavy band today...Page Hamilton once again reminds us in his typical, “stick it in and break it off” fashion, don’t ever forget your HELMET. (Online November 17, 2004)

Rob Mills

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