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Crusader - Fools (8/10) - Belgium - 2003

Genre: Epic Metal
Label: Self-production
Playing time: 51:44
Band homepage: Crusader


  1. Flowers Of War
  2. Wouldst Thou Me
  3. I...Joan
  4. Win Or Die
  5. Carnival >mp3
  6. Angus >mp3
  7. The Snow
  8. The 7th Crusade
  9. King Of Kings >mp3
Crusader - Fools

CRUSADER are something for the obscure group among our readers once again. For to the ordinary Metaller, the sound will probably be to queer…For whatever reason, the fact is, that with CRUSADER, there is pure emotion, a naturally flowing stream of steel, which is characterized by the penetrating riffs and the mid-high-pitch vocals that are very strong in character. The name of the game is power, the guitars thunder heavily out of the speakers, without ever lacking the necessary quantum of melody though.


The tunes aren’t full to the seams with filigree trifles, everything was kept quite straight, and that’s exactly what the tunes’ strength is. They pierce you like the steel sting of a lance, unfold their barbs and then they already got you and don’t let you go anymore…I think I’m able to discover a strong MAIDEN touch and a big load of eighties’ Euro Metal, as well as the epic feel a la MANILLA ROAD… That’s about what makes for the Belgians’ overall sound. One or two songs are slightly weaker, but somebody who has pieces like “King Of Kings”, “The Snow” (MANILLA ROAD, anyone?) or “Angus” with its folky touch up his sleeve, has already gained my sympathy! Somehow CRUSADER seem to be stuck in the eighties, for there is no modern note to hear here.


The „analog“ sound was kept as authentic as possible, yet it comes across very powerfully and lively. So to say the middle finger stretched out against all the modern, overproduced Metal discs nowadays, which have been trimmed on “powerful” with pro-tools, triggers and drum machines. But the truth is that these run-of-the-mill productions often sound exchangeable and faceless…So I’m fond of the nice old analog, warm sound, like here! (Online November 18, 2004)

Ralf Henn

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