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Final Dawn - Under The Bleeding Sky (5/10) - Finland - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: New Aeon Media
Playing time: 39:24
Band homepage: Final Dawn


  1. Solemn Art >mp3
  2. Ardent >mp3
  3. Aggression Overdrive
  4. Doze
  5. Regression Is Transgression
  6. Bleeding Sky
  7. What Flows Within
  8. My Pain
Final Dawn - Under The Bleeding Sky

When I read the bio on this band, it said that it was melodic Death Metal. My initial reaction was that I couldn't wait to pop this in and hear what comes out. What I got was something entirely different. The production on "Solemn Art" isn't as slick or polished as the latest IN FLAMES, BODOM or any of those crazy cats latest discs. It's raw and filled with primal rage.


The vocals of Vesa are grim and filled with pent up frustration. The riffs are rather simplistic and the overall sound of the song sounds like something from the 80's Thrash era. The rapid fire double bass drumming that you are used to running amok throughout the whole song isn't there. It's used sporadically. The overall production is ok. The bass is thick and over powers the guitars. "Ardent" remains in the mid paced mode with some adrenaline like drumming here and there. Finally, the melodies do kick in with "Aggression Overdrive." The track is rather slow, but when the guitar leads kick in, they sound sweet. Think of MESHUGGAH, but nowhere near as complicated and slowed down tremendously. The vocals get more guttural on "Doze." It's still heavy, but sounds like all their other songs.


While this CD is merely ok, it lacks character. The songs are distinctive and the all sound the same especially after a while. Even though there is some pace changes tossed in every now and then, it's still monotonous and even the melodic guitar workings thrown in can't save this release. The production sounds very dated and very little effort was put forth into creating this disc. It's ok overall, but they need to make a stand out record next time around if they want people to remember who they are. Those who live in the past and never want to progress may want this next to your collection of DESTRUCTION, SODOM and so on. (Online November 19, 2004)

Joe Florez

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