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Scream Silence - Elegy (7,5/10) - Germany - 2004

Genre: Gothic Rock
Label: Plainsong Records
Playing time: 51:24
Band homepage: Scream Silence


  1. The Sign
  2. Without A Trace
  3. Living In The Rose
  4. Curious Changes
  5. Oblivion
  6. The Doubt
  7. Derangement
  8. Agony
  9. My Swallow Bride
  10. Elegy
  11. The Sleep
Scream Silence - Elegy

It didn’t turn out as I would have liked, I had my hopes on a FLOWING TEARS sound reminiscent of their “Jade” album, I expected spellbinding Gothic Rock without the over dramatic elements. SCREAM SILENCE do have some good qualities and while my expectations (which are often set too high) haven’t been met, I cannot hide the fact that I feel drawn to this album.


“Elegy” is the band’s fourth and most hyped album. According to the press release half of the album contains possible singles (“Curious Changes” has already been elected and released as the first single), true, many of the tracks are easy to get into but are also charged with emotional deeps and lyrics that speak of open wounds and suppressed feelings of the past, so I wonder just how much airplay they can get.


Remember DREADFUL SHADOWS? I can only remember one track of a Nuclear Blast sampler, but the style of that particular track definitely shares the general mood of this band (though I must say that the song writing of SCREAM SILENCE tilts more towards the eighties sound of Gothic Rock catchiness), and now that D.S. has split up, people are calling the Berlin foursome their successors, “Elegy” might just be able to justify that statement.


The album surprisingly has a warm atmosphere that helps a person instead of doing the opposite, some of the songs have a strange comforting character, though there are bits of Gothic clichés found on a few tracks. “Without A Trace” and “Curious Changes” are two of my favourite tracks, the contrast played out by the luminous clean guitars, tragic piano arrangements and deep vocals are their best quality next to the catchy choruses.


The title track goes on for more than eight minutes, I’m glad to hear that the vocals are better on the final take, they didn’t sound all too well on the pre studio version that appeared on the single. “Derangement” is an organic and bitter ballad with a very sensitive chorus, it has a different flow from the rest of the album, the perfect companion for the glass of red wine you’re holding in your hand.


This is the first time the band works with a female string duet to get a more decorative touch to the songs, it’s a shame the drum sound came out too weak though, would be a real first rate sound then, but that’s me just again, the reviewer who just had to have a perfect sound.


I hope the best for the band, they have the talent but they got some things to develop yet, “Elegy” is perhaps a necessary step for them to get to the next level. For fans of simple, emotional and effective Gothic Rock. (Online November 19, 2004)

Frodi Stenberg

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