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Various Artists - Fenriz Presents: The Best Of Old School Black Metal (7/10) - V/A - 2004

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Peaceville Records
Playing time: 71:29
Band homepage: -


  1. Winds Of The Black Godz (Blasphemy)
  2. Satanic Lust (Sarcofago)
  3. Dawn Of Megiddo (Celtic Frost)
  4. Sluts Of Hell (Nattefrost)
  5. Evil (Mercyful Fate)
  6. Burst Command Til War (Sodom)
  7. Elisabeth Bathory (Tormentor)
  8. Bloody Unity (Aura Noir)
  9. Curse The Gods (Destruction)
  10. Into The Pentagram (Samael)
  11. Whisky Time (Bulldozer)
  12. The Freezing Moon (Mayhem)
  13. The Third Of The Storms (Hellhammer)
  14. Ea, Lord Of The Depths (Burzum)
  15. Warhead (Venom)
  16. Dies Irae (Bathory)
Various Artists - Fenriz Presents: The Best Of Old School Black Metal

Anyone who knows the Black Metal movement knows who Fenriz is. He's the drummer from DARKTHRONE which became very popular in the second wave of BM. If you think that CRADLE and DIMMU are responsible for this phenomenon, then you need to go back to school. The first coming of the storm was primitive, raw and hated by most. Only the select few understood it from the beginning. There were no melodic keyboard atmospheres added to the mix or people wearing make up. It was all about coming from the heart which not a lot of people understand today. It was never about making a profit or getting your product sold in as many stores as possible.


If you knew about it and had the CDs from the various artists, then fine. If not, well, screw you! Fenriz has done something special and put together a 101 course for people who don't know better or want to know about the other bands. These are bands that are close to his heart and hope that you feel the same way. 16 tracks of legendary artists appear on this comp for you to soak in to your black little hearts. First up is BLASPHEMY with "Winds Of The Black Godz." It's purely and instrumental. To be honest, it's not even that. It's just atmospheric and while it isn't heavy or anything like that it does manage to capture the dark vibe that is BM. SARCOFAGO blast their way threw your speakers with a very raw, primitive and very under produced song. You can tell that this was from the early 80's and Fenriz wouldn't have it any other way.


What's a tribute to BM without CELTIC FROST being invited? They single handed change the face of dark Metal. Long before there was a term for this music, CF captured it best both musically and vocally. The production technology is better and you will notice a huge difference with NATTEFROST. If CELTIIC FROST is invited to this party, then you better also have MERCYFUL FATE on board to keep it happening. By today's standards, this may be considered weak, but if you are a fan of the band like me, this was some creepy shit from back in the day. King's voice was eerie and his subject matter didn't help either. The guys captured the movement perfectly and the music rocked too! It could be debated whether or not SODOM contributed to the scene. For the most part, I would say yes simply because they added speed to Metal which turned it into Thrash. Black Metal was just a few steps above that.


Cult band TORMENTOR featuring one time MAYHEM vocalist Atilla is featured in all of its evil glory. Remember SAMAEL during their heyday before going electronic? Well, "Into The Pentagram" will bring back memories. Same as mentioned above for SODOM, Fenriz thinks that DESTRUCTION contributed to the scene as well. The notorious MAYHEM has to be on here with the classic "The Freezing Moon." BURZUM who never contributes to comps made an exception to be on here. VENOM who probably led the way back in 1980 must be on here as well. Finally, BATHORY must be included on here for obvious reasons. So, if you think that CRADLE, DIMMU and the like have paved the way or think they are the forefathers of BM, then you need this CD badly because you haven't been to school. If you are a fan of the genre and perhaps may not know of a band or two then I think this is a worthy investment. BM was never about profitability, it was about a feeling and emotion. (Online November 21, 2004)

Joe Florez

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