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Dakrua - Shifting Realities (8,5/10) - Italy - 2002

Genre: Gothic Metal
Label: Scarlet Records
Playing time: 42:03
Band homepage: Dakrua


  1. Ephemerae
  2. Frozen Sun
  3. The Waiting
  4. Deceive Me
  5. Of Life And Will
  6. Divine Masquerade
  7. Dawn Over
  8. Seas Of Silence
  9. Not Mine
  10. The Outer Void
  11. Wasted Words
Dakrua - Shifting Realities
Their debut "Inner Wastelands" anno 1999 already had been differing nicely from the majority of other Gothic Metal-bands and with "Shifting Realities" the Italians of DAKRUA continue this almost seamlessly.

Basically the band also does Gothic Metal with alternating vocals, where the male part features growls just as well as a very good clean voice, very atmospheric, but still with enough guitars. OK, what is it then that makes DAKRUA sound different? Well, just like on the debut it is the excellent, powerful, not too high voice of singer Eva Rondinelli, which is absolutely remarkable and differs very, very nicely from the rest, and also the very good alternating voice of William Quattrone.

Musically they also continue down the path of "Inner Wastelands" and puts a big emphasis on dynamics within the songs, which is further enhanced by the induction of elements of surrounding sub-genres, be it Doom, Dark Wave, slight progressive influences or a little more traditional Metal-forms into their Gothic Metal.

Altogether this results in a very interesting mixture, which a Gothic Metal-fan just has to have, but also anybody, who is interested in high-quality Metal that doesn't need to plough through the forests in light-speed should at least check out "Shifting Realities" as well!

Alexander Melzer

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