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Monumentum - Metastasi (8/10) - Italy - 2004

Genre: Avantgarde Metal
Label: Cursed Land Entertainment
Playing time: 73:52
Band homepage: Monumentum


  1. The Godfather (2003)
  2. La Noia Nella Casa Del Dolore (2004)
  3. Distance (Act Noir Remix, 2003)
  4. Windfall (DEAD CAN DANCE Cover, 2004)
  5. A Tainted Retrospective (In Decay Remix, 2003)
  6. Theme I (AIN SOPH Cover/Version 2, 2003)
  7. Orthodoxia (1999)
  8. The Colour Of Compassion (Version 2, 1998)
  9. Under Monochrome Rainbow (Angst Remix, 2003)
  10. Black And Violet (DEATH SS Cover, 1998)
  11. Last Call For Life (Dance Without Moving Remix, 2002) >mp3
  12. Fade To Grey (VISAGE Cover/In Worms Remix, 1997) >mp3
  13. I Stand Nowhere (Unplug The Pain Remix, 2003)
  14. A Moment Of Silence For The Blind Universe (2001)
Monumentum - Metastasi

“Metastasi“ isn’t a new album of the Italian Avantgarde Metal group MONUMENTUM, it’s a collection of rare tracks and unreleased songs from the period 1996-2004 to present them to the fans of this exceptional band. Not a bad thing as this mixture of unknown songs, remixed tracks and individual cover versions is really good. Above all lays the band’s trademark gloomy and haunting atmosphere, almost unreachable for most other bands.


Already the opening track, which is a remake of the main theme from the movie “The Godfather”, carries you along in a deep abyss with no hope and the danger of getting depressive. The following track is newer and makes curious about the next album. Melancholia and desperation can also be found in “Distance” with its haunting synthie sounds and the female vocals, a track, you could already find on “Ad Nauseam”. The first cover version is the DEAD CAN DANCE song “Windfall”, a really good interpretation, which also fits to the other tracks of MONUMENTUM. “A Tainted Retrospective” is also from the previous studio album and it slightly reminds of Pop icon David Bowie due to the vocals. This song is followed by another cover version and again, we got a first-class electronic underlining. Maybe exactly this could frighten some Metal fan because the album is almost without any heavy parts. But it uses sounds to create a nearly undescribable atmosphere.


The same goes for the instrumental “Orthodoxia“ (apart from the screams and choirs in the mid part), a previously unreleased track, which is very haunting, hypnotizing and sluggish. The next song “The Colour Of Compassion” is sparsely orchestrated but the vocal performance is mixed up to the front and it leaves a strange impression behind but serves for a good change over to the remixed “Under Monochrome Rainbow”, which was a track on “Ad Nauseam”. The cover version of their forever culty compatriots DEATH SS is also well-made. Then follows another already known song, it’s ”Last Call For Life”, the opening track of the previous album, now in a techno-like remix and then follows the VISAGE disco evergreen “Fade To Grey”. “I Stand Nowhere” is then another remixed song from their 2002 album and the closing track is the absolutely suitable “A Moment Of Silence For The Blind Universe”, a previously unreleased track, which you should know as fan of the band.


You can think about MONUMENTUM whatever you want, but it can not be denied, that this band is valuable and individual. But I think, only the truest fans of them will love the influences on “Metastasi”. But they reveal the entire and various universe of MONUMENTUM. This is exceptional music from an exceptional band, not more nor less. (Online November 21, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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