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God Among Insects - World Wide Death (8/10) - Sweden - 2004

Genre: Death Metal
Label: Threeman Records
Playing time: 35:20
Band homepage: God Among Insects


  1. Legions Of Darkness
  2. A Gush Of Blood >mp3
  3. Headless Nun Whore
  4. Wretches Hatching
  5. Chainsawed Christians
  6. Purified In Carnage
  7. Uprising Of The Rotten
  8. Severe Facial Reconstruction
  9. Uhr-Nazuur
God Among Insects - World Wide Death

Have you lost electric power recently? Is that massive pylon out in the field missing something? If the answer is yes, GOD AMONG INSECTS may have something to do with it. Listening to “World Wide Death” it seems obvious that the band have replaced their guitar strings with pylon cable. This is the best sounding Death Metal I have heard this year. This has the crunch of tectonic plates colliding but thankfully it moves a bit quicker than that.


GOD AMONG INSECTS is made up of well known players in the extreme music field, find out yourself if you are interested, suffice to say they equip themselves well here. There is a definite old school feel at play, using their home-grown style as a framework but also reminding of CANNIBAL CORPSE and tipping a nod to AUTOPSY at times. Whatever influences are evident, the band have burned their own mark into the flesh of this monster, monster sound.


There is a full range of tempo on display from a slow menace through to a full on studded gauntlet face mashing. True to their ethos GOD AMONG INSECTS skew between mid-paced and fast, though they occasionally take the brakes off fully to allow for some serious building collapse blasting. This array of speeds is perhaps best exemplified on closer “Uhr-Nazuur”. Whatever rate of knots the band are moving at though the effect is the same, one of being caught under a sudden release of a ton of bricks.


As if to acknowledge that employing your vocal talents in a gurgling growl makes it rather difficult to understand the words, the song lyrics aren’t much longer than the song titles, (Which, in themselves tell you all you need to know.) If, like me, that does not bother you then just grab hold and enjoy this rocky rollercoaster ride of down-tuned delight, being knocked from pillar to post by the playground bully drums.


As “World Wide Death” has a foot firmly planted in the past, don’t look for originality, it will be a futile search. Just glory at the steel hawser riffing, which does add distinction, and bulldoze your way along for a demolition half hour. (Online November 25, 2004)

Niall MacCartney

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