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NME Within - Science Krucifikktion (7,5/10) - Sweden - 1997/2004

Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Diamond Records
Playing time: 56:22
Band homepage: -


  1. Retaliation
  2. Utopian Konnektion
  3. Dining With Theotokos
  4. Bellikose Hamlet
  5. I-Con
  6. Illushuns Of Grandeur
  7. Gravel Saliva
  8. Sentience Kwotient
  9. Witzend
  10. K9 Trail
  11. Theorem
  12. Mouth & Gun
NME Within - Science Krucifikktion

I will openly and honestly admit that up till now I had not heard of these Swedes called NME WITHIN. Considering the vast number of Scandinavian bands it's not particularly surprising however, especially since the label Dzynamite Records probably doesn't have access to the best distribution channels in order to place "Science Krucifikktion" in every store, to reach a broader mass of listeners.


Musically, at any rate, NME WITHIN are everything but an underdone underground band. This here album sounds too professional and refined, and in regards to the production (which the band took care of themselves), too, they are easily able to compete on an international basis. Another positive attribute of this disc is the timelessness that permeates it, for even though its twelve tracks were released in 1997, you couldn't tell at all from the compositions. They could as well have been recorded just now and released to the music market. The very well done outward design of the album also is quite the eyecatcher and serves to further underline the great impression left by the music. At its core, the musical style aims at Thrash Metal, but this alone would not be enough to appropriately describe NME WITHIN, for there also are quite distinct rock influences (see "Bellikose Hamlet" or "I-Con"). Furthermore, powerful and groovy metal, the way one would expect from a legendary band like PANTERA, is another strength of this Swedish Metal act.


Outstanding hammers like the merciless "Retaliation" (at times reminiscent of METALLICA's "Harvester Of Sorrow) or the powerful groove monster "Utopian Konnektion" are only two examples, for also "Illushuns Of Grandeur" and the colourful rest of the CD are beyond any doubt. The voluminous rhythm work, paired with the expressive vocals and thunderous drums, is more than worth listening to and really should appeal to everybody who likes really well done metal with references to honest Rock music. With NME WITHIN, nothing sounds forced or even contrived; every track is monolithic. Because I cannot say with any accuracy whether "Science Krucifikktion" is still regularly available, I urge each one of you to take this album in as soon as you can and add it to your private collection. You never know! (Online November, 27 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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