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Alabama Thunderpussy - Rise Again (8/10) - USA - 1998/2004

Genre: Stoner Rock
Label: Relapse Records
Playing time: 67:42
Band homepage: Alabama Thunderpussy


  1. Falling Behind
  2. Victory Through Defeat
  3. Folk Lore
  4. Lord’s Prayer
  5. Get Mad/Get Even
  6. When Mercury Drops
  7. Ivy
  8. Speaking In Tongues
  9. Jackass
  10. Alto Vista
  11. Podium
  12. Fever 103
  13. Dixie
  14. Swagart
  15. When Mercury Drops
Alabama Thunderpussy - Rise Again

To fans of this grandiose Hard Rock band with a strong tendency to Stoner respective Desert Sound you probably don’t have to point out that “Rise Again” is no new album, but only a re-release which was revalorized with two additional bonus tracks. The reason for this re-release is obvious, as the original was released by no less than Franz Kozik and his cult label Man’s Ruin (DESERT SESSIONS, KYUSS, FU MANCHU, TURBONEGRO, GLUECIFER, …).


When this legendary label materialized into thin air due to financial problems after almost 200 releases, it became more and more difficult to get this and numerous other releases. That’s why you should really thank Relapse Records for making the effort and throwing this debut (not counting the demo released as a CD) by ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY onto the market again. Remastered and in a new design, but I guess that’s needless to say. And it would really be eternally sad if this fathomless and indescribably raw piece of music would be forgotten, for even though several years have passed in the meantime between the first release and the new edition, the compositions haven’t lost anything of their fascination and their charisma. Monstrous low-tone guitar walls grind pretty much everything, basses rumbling even lower crush the rest, rumbling drumming doesn’t let your stomach calm down and the conjuring and really dirty vocals don’t stop scratching your auditory passages


Back then this album already hinted at the great deeds which ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY would be and were capable of doing with their later albums. A contemporary document which overall has fifteen songs at the ready that do full justice to the term of Rock ‘N’ Roll, or Truckstop Rock as it was paraphrased lovingly here. No matter which song you take on from “Rise Again” and in which smallest portions and details you split it up after that, the result will always be: ALABAMA THUNDERPUSSY rock and rock and rock …! And they do so without any ifs and buts. Furthermore “Rise Again” is a welcome completion of the collection for all those fans who don’t have this album in their shelf yet, and furthermore it shortens the time until the next masterpiece, that is already worked on, by this outstanding band. “Rise Again” be recommended as well to all others, no matter if they are Die Hard fans or new to ATP, be it because of the better sounds, the two bonus songs or just because of the good music. (Online November 28, 2004)

Alexander Ehringer

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