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Wyrd - Vargtimmen Pt. 2 (7,5/10) - Finland - 2003

Genre: Black Metal
Label: Solistitium Records
Playing time: 53:49
Band homepage: -


  1. The Wicker Man
  2. The Pale And The Dead
  3. Redemption
  4. Ominous Insomnia
  5. Cold Son Of The Wind
  6. Ghost Of Winter
  7. Deception
Wyrd - Vargtimmen Pt. 2

There are musicians that concentrate on one instrument and one band and take years to generate an album. And then there are cases such as, well, WYRD. Nargath (Tomi Kalliola) does not only play all instruments and has four full albums and one best of compilation under their belt between 2001 and 2003. But not enough with that, the project WYRD, founded in 1997 under the name of HELLKULT, is not the only playing ground of the gentleman from Hyvinkää, no, the good man also is/was active in: CALM, AZAGHAL, VALAR, SVARTALFHEIM, SVARTKRAFT, HIN ONDE, OATH OF CIRION, WITH HATE I BURN, FINNUGOR, VULTYR and DECAY’S DELIGHT, so a very busy bee!


“Vargtimmen Pt.II“ is the fourth album of Tomi, released in 2003, and the Finn is definitely not suffering from attention deficit disorder, with six of the seven songs longer than six minutes and with “The Wicker Man” right upfront WYRD do not cover IRON MAIDEN, but roll out a more than 13-minute slab that one would not have expected like that. Fitting the playing time it is very doomy and slow, with many clean guitars and even some clean vocals, very atmospheric and in crass contrast to the three hefty Black Metal eruptions, which break through the atmosphere. And that almost seamlessly continues in “The Pale And The Dead”, setting out with blastbeats, yet always staying melodic.


After that we get two minutes of relaxation in form of “Redemption“, piano sounds with rain underneath, before “Ominous Insomnia“ most probably is the highlight of “Vargtimmen Pt. 2“, with an almost Folk-like influence in the keyboards and guitars, garnished with great melodies, before “Cold Son Of The Wind“ offers us rain and whispering and on the other hand Death/Doom. Another highlight is “Ghost Of Winter”, midpaced, but super melodic, even the Black Metal croaks seem to take on a melodic hue and on top of that we even get some rough/clear vocals.


To draw comparisons is not easy in the case of WYRD, ANATHEMA come to my mind in the really calm passages, while some of the folky parts remind me of Russian bands. So variety definitely is not a problem, even though Nargath might sit between the chairs with it. The production definitely is good, the visual side of the CD is stylishly black and white, so check out WYRD, it’s good stuff! (Online December 2, 2004)

Alexander Melzer

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